10 James Hetfield Guest Appearances



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Before anyone else cries "hypocrite", note that the studio appearances are largely uncredited, or are one song on an album. Turning up on stage as a surprise here and there is also unworthy of the hypocrite label. The EchoBrain thing with Jason Newsted was much more extensive. It was an entire album, a full on side project with his name attached. Hetfield was restricting not wanting it to happen, sure, but it's much different than him screaming some backing vocals on two Danzig songs without even being credited. Besides, it's water under the bridge now and they're all over it.

As for the guy that wants to hate on Hetfield for being on the abrasive side in the 80s...he was in his early to mid 20s, likely drunk. Of course he wasn't a beam of sunshine. A lot of that was an act to make up for his shyness as well. Let's get cheesy - it doesn't reflect who he "really is", and by now, almost 50, the guy has matured a lot.



Hmmm...what's the word I'm looking for?
Oh, right: TOOL!

I met James on a few occasions back in the 80's. What an arrogant prick! He and some of the other Metallica tools would come out to heckle Megadeth during Megadeth's KIMB tour. I remember James telling a 400lb Samoan bouncer to "fuck off", and then watching with delight as said Samoan bouncer tossed him straight out the front door, landing on his ass! Ah! The good 'ol days!


Hmmmm... what the word I'm looking for?
Oh, right: Hypocrite!


I don't know if I'd consider jamming onstage a "side project". Cool list though. Love the Stone Cold Crazy. Not used to seeing Iommi play at that tempo :-)

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