10 Most Earth Shaking Guitar Innovations



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You write for a guitar magazine and you write an article about the Floyd Rose Tremolo and the impact it has made on guitar players........I can't help but try to clue you into the fact that if you don't have a song you don't have a solo. You should know that!

What I am saying is you actually did a good job putting down Brad Gillis, he was just the guy that took over for Randy Rhoads when Randy died(Yeah, Berne Tourme' played about 2 gigs).

When you think about the 80's, and memorable songs, tell me that Night Ranger doesn't come to mind? Oh yeah, go back and listen to "Don't Tell Me You Love Me?", great song, but also listen to Brad Gillis' use of the tremolo bar and tell me that's a "LOSS"???? Robert Harmon

vitor682003@yahoo.com Good Luck Chris!


Jukebox Jim (not verified)

The greatest innovation,Has to be the advent of quality guitars and accessories at a cheap prices.Thanks to CNC machining,People can now buy good quality instruments at affordable prices.Even top shelf makers like Fender and Gibson are able to keep their prices low.Today you can go into a Music store and buy a nice guitar and amp combo for less than 500.00 dollars,and maybe have enough to pick up a pedal or two!also.Today budding musicians are starting out on instruments that we could only dream about in the seventies.That is why I think this should have been #1 on you list.We've come a long way baby!Peace.


James L (not verified)

No truer words spoken, Jukebox Jim! I got my first electric, a Raven Les Paul copy, for $125 in 1977 and it was a total piece of crap. $125 was a good chunk of change in 1977. Back then we had 2 options, crap or Fender and/or Gibsons. I finally bought my first real Les Paul in 1980 and it was over $1200. The next year I bought a 100 watt Marshall JCM 800 half-stack and it was just south of 2 grand. Needless to say, it took a lot of saving, sacrifices and commitment to purchase these. 28 years later, these same pieces of gear can be had for about the same cash, maybe less. Did we pay too much then, or not enough now? We paid that because that's what Gibson, Fender, Marshall and the rest of the big companies told us to. All this new affordable, high quality, gig worthy gear has not only brought the prices of the big boys to within reason, it's opened up the ability for the newbie to have gear I could never have dreamed of for a minimal investment. If that inspires more to play, then I can't wait for what the next 30 years brings!



MuchMetalHead (not verified)

you left out floyd's competition, kahler...you should have simply said double-locking tremoloes, active pickups, phase-switching, the humbucker, the 7-string guitar, synth pickups, coated strings and wah pedals


Ibanez Rules (not verified)

low radius, thin necks, floyd's high output buckers, 24 frets, pointy shapes, what about ibanez guitars?

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