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The 10 Most Rock 'N' Roll Moments in 'Saturday Night Live' History

The 10 Most Rock 'N' Roll Moments in 'Saturday Night Live' History

Having been a cultural institution for almost 40 years now, there's no denying Saturday Night Live has been virtually intertwined with our culture since its inception. Not just for its musical guests, but for the edgy atmosphere of a live show where anything could happen, SNL definitely had its share of rock 'n' roll moments.

From great musical performances to timeless sketches, and that hilarious way they would interrupt the last sentence of the opening ... live from New York, it’s the 10 Most Rock 'N’ Roll Moments in Saturday Night Live history!

10. Who knew The Beatles were funny?
The Scene: Three Beatles have appeared on Saturday Night Live over the years. George Harrison was the first, performing “Here Comes the Sun” and “Homeward Bound” with SNL-regular Paul Simon in 1976 (He also famously turned down Lorne Michaels’ offer of $3,000 to convince The Beatles to get back together); Ringo Starr appeared as a non-musical guest in 1984 -- and Paul McCartney has made multiple appearances, starting in 1993, when he got to play three songs (Hey, he’s freakin’ Paul McCartney!), including a show-stopping rendition of “Hey Jude.” But the real highlight of that episode was Chris Farley’s hilarious interview with McCartney, which included the line, “Remember when you were with The Beatles?” -- three times!
Why was it was rock ’n’ roll? First there’s McCartney’s explanation of the last line of “The End” from Abbey Road -- and then there’s Farley’s “AWESOME,” whispered reaction.


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