100 Greatest Guitar Solos: No. 50 "Shock Me" (Ace Frehley)



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I believe that solo was recorded BEFORE the show at the LA forum. I read that alot of alive 2 is live but not the actual show. I think the article is at Kissasylum...straight from the mouth or producer Eddie Kramer. Still, it is up there with eruption. If you listen to it it has the same kind of vibe and construction as eruption. Love it. ACE is good. The solo on the Huston Texas 77 show sucks though. ACE is either on or off. He was off and the recording of his tone sucked. But yeah, ALIVE 2 solo kicks ass !



You are right about the live shock me guitar solo post studio overdub, actually the whole album and actually it is a normal practice between music producers and recording engineers to improve the live feeling on this kind of recordings... Just because real outtakes have not enough live environmental captures that make them sound cool. And this is not because the artists cannot do it, it is because the complexity of acoustic science (sometimes technology available at that time, still now a days) does not allow it!.. So there where sound professionals appear to make the final product sounds great. As the iconic Ace solos at alive I and II.



I basically did the same solo every night on that tour, with minor alterations, so I had it kind of planned out when I did it the night we recorded it for Alive II album,” says Ace Frehley.kim

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