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15 Genius Contemporary Cross-Genre Covers

15 Genius Contemporary Cross-Genre Covers

Here are 15 genius contemporary cross-genre covers, from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Avril Lavigne to Sonic Youth and Johnny Cash.

Pop=======>Heavy Metal

“Iron Man" by Black Sabbath, covered by the Cardigans

You’ve got to have a brass pair bigger than life itself to dare cover Black Sabbath. In the case of Swedish pop-rockers, the Cardigans, you’re probably just too quirky to know better.

“Iron Man” is a classic that still rocks harder than 90 percent of the songs being released today. To her credit, lead singer Nina Persson doesn’t try to compete with Ozzy’s vocals; instead, she and her band give the track a trip-hop workover that is sensual, jazzy and let’s face it, pretty damn fun to listen to.


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