The 21 Best Kiss Songs



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1: Watchin'you
2:100,000 years
3:I stole your love
4:Makin' love
5:Shock me
7:Strange ways
8:Detroit Rock City
9:Do you love me?
11:Cold gin
12:Rock Bottom
14:Let me go,rock n' roll
15:C'mon and love me
16:Black Diamond
17:King of the Nightime World
18:Got to choose
19:Larger than life
20:Hotter than Hell

From '73 to '78, that's all. Then the money took over, and the 2 best musicians in the band fell victim to the greed and egos of the "owners" of the KISS trademark. What a waste. You can't buy integrity, Mr. Bat-winged corporate megalomaniac. Rock on, Ace and Peter, cuz the other two are embarassing.


Tight but loose

Right ON!!! Everything you say is so true.
What Paul and Gene call success,I call SELL OUT!!!
If KISS had folded right after Double Platinum,
they would be LEGENDS and in the Hall of Fame.
I hate and disagree with the Hall of Fame but they
are looking at the 80's version of KISS when talking.
Without Ace and Peter the chemistry is DEAD!!!!


Bah! As a Kiss fanatic when ALIVE! came out, I was starting to look in other musical directions after Destroyer. To me, Destroyer was their finest studio work, as it should have been after ALIVE! made them the most popular band on the planet.
"Sweet Pain" nobody ever remembers that one. One of my fav's...



As a drummer and KISS fan of nearly 30 years now, I had to include my top 21 as well:

I Love It Loud (in my opinion - Creatures is the best KISS record)
Strange Ways (I love ace's solo)
Black Diamond
100,000 Years (Alive! Version)
Detroit Rock City
Ozone (Ace Frehley solo - the best solo album of the four)
Take Me Away (Together as one) (Paul Stanley solo) - cool drums by Carmine Appice
Sure Know Something (studio and Unplugged versions should be checked out)
Nowhere To Run
Do You Love Me?
Deuce (studio and Alive III versions)
Fractured Mirror (essential Ace Frehley)
I Confess
It's My Life (KISS box set)
Always Near You/Nowhere To Hide (Gene Simmons solo)
Only You/Under The Rose (you have to listen to these together)
War Machine
Got To Choose (studio or unplugged version are both amazing)
Magic Touch



As a Kiss fan the same age as you, Mr. Reffett, I must retort, lol! Although I must give you props for name-dropping "The Elder," "Killers," and even throwing "Carr Jam" on the list, it shoulda been something more like this (in no particular order):

no live, no unplugged, all original
"Under The Rose," "Only You" The Elder is an amazing record, just saying

"Fractured Mirror" because everyone needs to be reminded that Mr. Ace Frehley is truly one of the most underrated guitarists of all time - a complete genius!!

"Detroit Rock City" I understand why you didn't include "RNRAN," but why did you leave this one out? I don't care whose list it is, this song should always be in the top 5 at the very least, lol

"Shout It Out Loud (New Version)" from "Greatest Kiss" While the Alive II version is amazing as well, there's something about that Reunion show that's just magic. I love that version even more than the studio version on Destroyer

You pretty much can't fail mentioning any performance from the Unplugged were absolutely right there, they were on top of it.

"Shock Me." Even though it may or may not have been bastardized by Tommy Thayer as of late, depending on one's opinion, this song is absolute essential Kiss and Ace Frehley's can never leave out the Space Ace, lol

"Black Diamond" The Alive! version Again, you can never go wrong mentioning any performance from any of the first 3 Alive discs, but this is the best version of the song I have ever heard

"When Lightning Strikes" An odd choice for an Ace Frehley purist, but as you said, "Sonic Boom" was an excellent record that exceeded my expectations for a Kiss record 35 years into their career, minus two of the original members. Most importantly, this song, as well as "All For One," allow Tommy and Eric to develop their own identities within the classic characters of the Cat and Spaceman. They both did exceptionally well

"Creatures of The Night" Regardless of taste(lol, or proof in record sales), this album is the best album of the band's career, even if it was during their downfall. I would never classify Kiss as a "metal" band, as I feel hard rock is more appropriate, but this album comes damn close



I dig KISS songs From all era's also. From their world domination in the 70's. Till "On their way down" as was said. Their trendy 80's albums and their resurgence since 96 Thru Sonic Boom. Different line ups, I love em all....
All American Man
A Million To One
Mr. Speed
All The Way
Comin Home
Dark Light
Ain't Quite Right
Hell Or High Water
Thou Shalt Not
Lonely Is The Hunter
Russian Roulette
Baby Driver
Almost Human
I'm In Need Of Love
Room Service
Gimme More
Childhoods End
Get All You Can Take
I Can't Stop The Rain
Who Wants To Be Lonely....



As I look through the songlist it looks like you deliberately stayed away from their greatest songs ever. I agree with the person who said most of the songs are when kiss was on their way down and missing ace and peter. My favorite songs would differ from day to day and by the way I was 16 when destroyer came out. Here they are (today anyway) The top 21 (in no order)
1 calling dr. love
2 strange ways (the best ace solo)
3 detroit rock city
4 hotter than hell
5 black diamond
6 I want you
7 flaming youth
8 shout it out loud
9 love gun
10 i stole your love
11 sure know something
12 beth
13 rocket ride
14 makin love
15 christeen sixteen
16 world without heros
17 god of thunder
18 rock and roll all night (alive 1 version)
19 all american man
20 parasite
21 cmon and love me (alive 1 version)

Those are mine today tomorrow may change, but that's how it is for a true kiss fan!



Eric Carr knows that Frankenstein drum solo.



Way too much stuff from the '80's and beyond. KISS at their most uninteresting and irrelevant.



In no particular order:
Creatures Of The Night
Watchin' You
Black Diamond
I Want You
Detroit Rock City
Psycho Circus
Fits Like A Glove
The Oath
Hide Your Heart
Tonight You Belong To Me
Rip It Out
I Stole Your Love
Take Me
I Still Love You
Got To Choose
Tears Are Falling
I've Had Enough (Into The Fire)
Nothin' To Lose
Shock Me



My top 21 KISS songs are;
100,000 years
I still love you
Cold Gin
I Will Be There
Sure Know Something
Detroit Rock City
Flaming Youth
A Million To One
Hard Luck Woman
Master And Slave
Tonight You Belong To Me
Rip It Out
Love Gun
War Machine
Nowhere To Run
I Was Made For Lovin' You
Rock Bottom
Take It Off
I Can't Stand The Rain
Rock'n'Roll All Nite


Shane Hainstock

Those are great choices. No one listens to the whole albums and they miss out on a lot of really good songs. Here's my top 21.

Torpedo Girl
Rock and Roll Hell
Yes I know (Nobody's Perfect)
Mr. Speed
Into the Void
It's Alright (Stanleys Solo)
And on the 8th Day
Nothing to Lose (unplugged & Original)
All the Way
Read My Body
X-Ray Eyes
Flaming Youth
Uh! All Night
Ozone (Frehley Solo)
Burn Bitch Burn
Down on Your Knees
Doncha Hesitate (Box Set)
Heart of Chrome

I could go on with all the songs I love but these could be the ones I love the most.



I am glad to see younger fans to the KISS army, however, if you are less than 35 to 40 years old, you missed out on the complete KISStory! If Megadeth is your only comparison to KISS, then I take it, judging by your lists of songs, that you caught KISS on their way down. Don't get me wrong, KISS performances are legendary and the guys are hard working dedicated rockers, but from a musical perspective, I place more value on the first 5 to six albums ending with KISS Alive II. I even heard some redeeming elements in "The Elder", but when the band lost Peter Criss and Ace Frehley, got into disco and released a failure in "Unmasked", something was lost. Remember, Dimebag was largely an "Ace" fan moreover than a KISS fan. You forget early songs like "Parasite"; "Hotter Than Hell"; "Rock Bottom"; "Love Theme from KISS"; "Black Diamond"; "Strutter"; "She" and "Cold Gin", and the lists goes on!

When KISS's comparisons were Led Zeppelin; AC/DC and Boston, you not only had a great concert, the songs were flawless and emphasis was on a tight musical performance. When KISS became businessmen over artists, it showed. Now you can watch Gene Simmons belittle himself, his family and those around him on reality TV as a washed up musician as the genius marketing and car salesman takes over. All his notoriety and popularity being based on three other guys, two of whom made KISS a musical band before it became another consumer product like Coke and Pepsi.



Great choices, Dave. Cool that you didn't stick with only '70s songs, as KISS recorded so many amazing tunes in the '80s and beyond. You have some of my faves on your list. Here's my top 21:

Nowhere To Run
Love Gun
Sure Know Something
A World Without Heroes
Tonight You Belong To Me
Who Wants To Be Lonely
I've Had Enough
Modern Day Delilah
Take Me
The Oath
Heart Of Chrome
God Of Thunder (Alive II)
I Was Made For Lovin' You (Alive III)
Deuce (Alive!)
A Million To One
Got To Choose
Detroit Rock City
Under The Rose
Naked City

I too was at the Manchester, NH show. Even though we didn't get the full KISS show (arena prevented everything KISS does), it was still absolutely amazing as always.

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