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The 25 Best Guitar and Music Apps

The 25 Best Guitar and Music Apps

Guitar World presents everything you need to turn your smartphone or tablet into an extension of your guitar, including apps that will advance your playing, improve your tone, record your songs and maybe teach you something along the way.



Everything you need to get playing is already on your phone or tablet. You just need the app to get it going. GuitarToolKit is that app.

It offers a tuner, an interactive and extensive chord chart, a drum-machine-like metronome and other features to get you on the right track.

It can be customized for seven- and 12-string instruments, basses, banjos, mandolins and more, making it a go-to resource for the building blocks of metal, country, jazz or beyond. It was even designed with lefties in mind.

Agile Partners, $2.99



You’ve diligently learned Dimebag Darrell’s solo to “Cemetery Gates,” but a day before the big gig your singer finally admits he can’t actually reach the really, really high note Phil Anselmo sings toward the end of the song.

No worries. TabToolKit lets you upload and download tab files and transpose them to any key to suit the rest of your bandmates.

The beautifully designed app also offers standard and tab notation, MIDI multitrack playback for full scores, instrument guides (for learning fretboard placement) and more. No matter where you, you can be a Cowboy from Hell.

Agile Partners, $3.99


Guitar World Lessons

The recently released Guitar World Lessons app provides downloadable video guitar lessons—for purchase—in a host of genres—from blues to metal to bluegrass and jazz (and let's not forget shred!)—at the click of a button.

Guitar World Lessons offers immediate delivery of hundreds of lessons from the massive and impressive Guitar World catalog. The app is available at the iTunes store for the iPhone and iPad. Note that the app download itself is free; instructional guitar and bass lessons can be purchased and downloaded by individual lesson or full download of the instructional product.

The search function allows guitarists to search lessons and products by artist, song, genre or instructor. Some of Guitar World’s best-selling lesson products are featured, including Guitar World Senior Music Editor Jimmy Brown’s Mastering Fretboard Harmony and more.

You can learn from Brown, Paul Gilbert, Dale Turner, Michael Angelo Batio or Guitar World Associate Editor Andy Aledort—and go In Deep with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Play Rock Bass!, Learn Slide Guitar and much more.

New Bay Media, free


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