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The 25 Best Guitar and Music Apps

The 25 Best Guitar and Music Apps

Ultimate-Guitar Tabs HD

Guitar Tabs are an essential part of learning, so it would only make sense that guitarists would want to access every single one of Ultimate-Guitar’s more than 600,000 tabs on a whim.

Better yet, the app can play the music to the site’s 150,000-plus Tab Pro offerings with loop and tempo control, and it offers a tuner, metronome and chord library.

Ultimate-Guitar USA, free



If you regularly visit JamPlay online for its video guitar lessons, you’ll love JamPlay, which brings hundreds of guitar lessons for beginning and experienced players of acoustic and electric guitar to your mobile device.

The app provides access to instructional videos and backing tracks, as well as utilities like chord and scale libraries, a metronome and a tuner. The chord library features thousands of chord voices with audio playback, while the scale library provides scales in all 12 keys, also with audio playback. Best of all, new lessons and backing tracks are added frequently, with no app updates or fees required.

JamPlay, LLC, free

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Steel Guitar

Despite what your guitar teacher might have told you, your whammy bar will never let you sound exactly like Johnny & Santo playing “Sleepwalk” on a steel guitar (unless you happen to be Jeff Beck). But Steel Guitar will.

This fun app lets you simulate the experience with its easy-to-operate emulations of lap, eight-string, Nashville- and Texas-style steel guitars, as well as a number of distortion and effects options.

Yonac, free

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