The 30 Greatest Shred Albums of All Time



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No Dick Dale, Joe Stump, or Tony MacAlpine? How do you have a shred list without these guys, and many many more?



This list is supposed to be about Shred. Robert Johnson? I bet no music writer has ever written the word shred in a RJ article. Was the writer high when he wrote this? Are you trying to be like Roliing Stone making up stupid comments like putting Kurt Cobain over Pete Townsend just to piss people off? What's next? Greatest Classical guitarists of all time: At number 17 Albert Lee? Vince Gill at 29? Les Paul at 2? You owe your readers an explaination. What the hell were you guys thinking?



Typical GW staff obsession with everything that sounds like Clapton. Didn't even put Reinhardt on the list, and it seems quite biased to include Eric Clapton and friends, but not guys like John Petrucci, Jason Becker, Eric Johnson, John 5, et cetera on a SHRED list. And where the hell is anything by DragonForce? Easily one of the best shred bands out there; music that actually means to shred.

Also, Avenged Sevenfold may not be the first band everyone on here would listen to, but Syn Gates is a great guitarist. Brilliant, as a matter of fact.



-You CAN NOT forget John Petrucci.
-You CAN NOT forget Django Reinhardt.
-It is well known that Robert Johnson dies in the late 30's (which means that he can't have recorded in 1961).



Good to see Steve Howe and Al DiMeola, but surprised not to see Jan Akkerman or Steve Morse on the list or even Jeff Beck or Jimmy Page.



I give this a C++. If you want criticism well don’t bother if you can't barely hone in on your craft. Some of these guys don't even tune their guitars right. Some didn't even have the technology. Today is today. And if your gonna get it right. Just introduce labeled by the name of Shrapnel Records, founded and run by Mike Varney. This is all you need to run this magazine. Why don’t you just bottle up the bloose, put away the dark ages, and for the sixties. Yeah these are great categories but don’t let interfere with everything that going on today. You could be with an article of a new musician instead of and odd offender of that type mentioned above.



Gotta hand it to you guys. Putting Chris Broderick on the same bill as Clarence White is creativity in editorial categorzation, and yet they both belong on this list. I enjoyed it a lot! Thank you!



it is odd to exclude Django Reinhardt, he is one of the founding shredders...


The Shred King ...

Great job gentlemen, an awesome list! One notable omission is Mr. Petrucci and his work with Dream Theater.


Did Eric Johnson do something to piss off your editors? He never gets any respect in your magazine, except maybe the 1 or 2 page excerpt. Never even been on a cover, yet Courtney Love has? Ah Via Musicom or Venus Isle should have made this list.



Where the fuck is Perpetual Burn? If that's not on your top shred albums you either haven't heard it, or are high out of your mind.



Or what about Cacophony Speed Metal Symphony?



Man... I just don't get it... what's so good about Avenged Sevenfold??? They sound pretty average. I totally understand that bands like Megadeth, Van Halen and Nevermore make it in this list, but Avenged Sevenfold??? C'mon!!!

What about some Testament, Annihilator, Krisiun or Forbidden?? Those bands would "shred" Avenged Sevenfold to pieces, easily.



Glad to see Endgame getting some love because CB shreds. What about Machine Head's The Blackening?

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