50 Great Albums Celebrating Their 30th Anniversary in 2011



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Now really, The Elder and Special Forces - classic albums? Where is In God We Trust EP by Dead Kennedys? The Stray Cats' debut? El Rayo-X by David Lindley? Punk's Not Dead by the Exploited? Talk Talk Talk by the Psychedelic Furs? Wha'happen by the Beat? Beauty and The Beat by The Go-go's? Bella Donna by Stevie Knicks? Still by Joy Division? Burning Blue Soul by Matt Johnson/The The? Freeze Frame by the J.Geils Band? Don't Stop by Billy Idol? Queen's Greatest Hits I (yup it is a compilation but this album turns out to be one of the most beloved albums of that year by so many millions of people)? Business As Usual by Men at Work? The Blasters' debut?



Come on, really? You guys are really pushing it with fifty why didn't you just limit it to ten. There are only 10 great albums here. But let me point out the worst album.

When I was 13 years old I thought Alice Cooper's Flush The Fashion and Special Forces where awesome albums. Well no one agreed with me including Alice Cooper who claims to not even remember making those albums. Of course I was 13 so I was an idiot and listing to those albums now I realize how much they sucked. It sounds like he was phoning it in through a haze of whiskey and blow.

There is no way that Special Forces is a classic album.

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