The 50 Heaviest Rock Songs Before Black Sabbath — Songs 50 to 41



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This list ought to have Open Mind's "Magic Potion"- I'm convinced it's the first time anybody used a double bass pedal.


Zara Thomson

Very good song by a very good person.



I would have thought MC5 earned a spot on this list--their live recordings from the late '60s were unbelievable. I'm guessing "Mississippi Queen" came out too late to claim a spot, too?



So many that came before HM. Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf;Tin Soldier - Small Faces;You Keep Me Hanging On -Vanilla Fudge; All The Day and All of The Night - Kinks; You Really Got Me - Kinks; Black Night - Deep Purple; Blister On The Moon -The Taste; Plastic Thunder - Bitter Creek; Too Many Losers - The Next Band.


Rick Holly

In the 60's nothing slapped me harder than "Talk Talk" by The Music Machine. Hard hitting, heavy fuzz distortion, incredibly tight arrangement and an abrupt ending that feels like someone pulled the rug out from under you. All done in under 2 minutes. My all time favorite single. Nothing in this list is heavier.



Blue Jay Way - Beatles (Magical Mystery Tour).


...What a great idea to have these two Icons of Destiny work together, I don't think that they could go in with any preconceptions...besides they wouldn't. It would be what it would be...the colaboration of two Great musicians who genuinely like each other and would do just what they want, to be creative...they might even create a Opera...who's to say, but you know what ever it turned out to be I say...make a record, the people will come, they will buy it and love you for doing so, now is the time! Peace!



I grew up with the music of the 60's - never heard of "Coven" (???)! Must not have made much of an impact... Heavy? Why are they here?



They were a "SATANIST" Band with Witch Themes and Satanic Rituals on their album covers. They are best known for their version of the song "One Tin Soldier" (a.k.a. The Legend of Billy Jack Song.)There's actually a version of this song on "". Ann Wilson of "HEART" sounds a little like their female singer. They probably made this list due to their Evil Ways. Their sound wasn't HEAVY at all but their guitar player was pretty good. Had a little "Ten Years After" effect to him. They were panned here in the U.S. for their "Witchy Ways" and Album Artwork. I listened to a couple of their songs out of curiosity a while back.


Joe Barnes

I played Sunshine of your Love when I was a kid in a garage band.

Turned it up to 11.

So when is Steppen Wolf and "Born to be Wild" going to show up on this list. This song had the first known mention of "Heavy Metal Thunder" duuuuu du du duu du.


I heard Sunshine of your Love when I was a kid covered by a garage band at the neighbors of my cousins. I was blown away, loud dark smokey and full of menace! This rock and roll stuff was for me!!! Yeah!!



Great song by a great and talented band!!!



Now we know where the bassline to Funkytown came from.

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