50 Years of the Fender Stratocaster: Dangerous Curves



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Im glad guitar world finally made an article about Fender. Next they should do gibson



After spending months shopping I finally bought a replacement for my Made in China, Squier "Strat" (not an Affinity or Bull#@&% model). Looking and playing all the different Fender Stratocaster models, the Made in USA, Made in Mexico, etc.. I was disappointed to find they all had "gloss" finished necks. This caused them to be "sticky" in my opinion. The Squier by Fender Deluxe Stratocaster I chose has a satin finish on the neck which makes it as smooth as glass. My hand glides up & down the neck effortlessly. The sound is superior to the bottom and middle of the line Fenders and the Pearl White finish is gorgeous, not a blemish or defect to be found. I do play a 2008 Squier by Fender Tele Custom also and have found that one need not have to purchase the "top of the line" to get the Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster "sound". My thanks go out to Leo Fender and his crew for designing two spectacular instruments and pieces of "Americana".



If 'll be able to save enough money, then I'll buy myself a Richie Sambora Statocaster

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