65Amps London 65 Amplifier and Cabinet



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Holy cow, this thing is amazing. It's so pure. Really well-built, and the fact that you can choose between a couple of different amplifier types just adds to the quality of this amp. It's LOUD too! While I'm still searching for the perfect match in a distortion device, this is sounding really great with my Hermeda Audit Zendrive.

Nice job 65!



Paul: Please talk less, and play more, your reviews are typically 1/2 to 1/3 rhetoric, please play the gear and talk, at least.

I am not seeing how or why this amp is worth 2 grand. Funny comment, on how more and more people are using small combos on stage. Really? not. Maybe for country or people who sit on stools and play.

When I see Zakk, EVH, Iommi, Lynch, change. I might consider, until then, BUY THE REAL DEAL

A Vox for at home practicing.

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