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Review: Boss Waza Craft CE-2W Chorus Pedal

Meet the New Boss CE-2W Chorus

The Boss CE-2 Chorus and its big brother predecessor the CE-1 (along with the same effect built into the Roland Jazz Chorus amp) defined the sound of chorus during the late Seventies and Eighties.

Review: Fender American Professional Stratocaster and Telecaster

We Review Fender's American Pro Strat and Tele

From the entry-level Squier series to the personalized creations of the Fender Custom Shop and from vintage reproductions to modern innovations that push the envelope, Fender truly offers something...

11 Great Beginner Guitar Amps for Under $300

11 Great Beginner Guitar Amps for Under $300

So you’ve just started playing guitar and you want to take your electric guitar playing skills to the next level with a decent amp that won’t break the bank.

How to Buy an Amp: A Guide for the First-Time Buyer

How to Buy an Amp

When shopping for an amp, don’t take home the first one you plug into.