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the holidays 2012 are past and the lessons still are not up, i've been checking this page every day for the last 2-3 months. there are some lessons in this issue i really want to learn. are you still planning on posting them? when? if not - please change the information at the top of the screen. your print magazine does promise that online lessons are available.



You had promised that downloads would eventually be posted for Holidays 2012 issue;

"The missing gear and lesson videos will be posted soon. Our offices were closed because of Hurricane Sandy, which disrupted our shooting schedule. Thank you for your patience!"

When will they be available, or if they have, where can i download them from?



Are Dale Turner and Keith Wyatt going to regain the ability to make their own videos in the foreseeable future or are they out indefinitely? If they are out indefinitely are there any plans to start new video lessons from other musicians to take the place of Dale's and Keith's?

Are we getting the gear videos for the holiday issue or not? How about any further instructional videos? There were only 3 available for download for the Holiday issue when there are usually 7 or more.

Thanks in advance for responding.



Hola Jeff

Como puedo bajar el video de la Versión Acustica de Child O Mine? el video salio publicado en el mes de Febrero de 2012?




"as Keith Wyatt and Dale Turner no longer have the ability to film their own videos"

say wha'?
please give them their movie making machines back i like watchin'em on the talkedy box.



"as Keith Wyatt and Dale Turner no longer have the ability to film their own videos"

Why is that?



Thanks Jeff.
Any chance to have the 'In deep' video Mode swing part 2 ?



Hey gang, here is the download link to this month's videos. Light this time...only three of the columns have videos, as Keith Wyatt and Dale Turner no longer have the ability to film their own videos and submit them to us.

And the gear videos will hopefully be ready soon...our office in NYC was closed for an entire week during Hurricane Sandy, so Paul was unable to shoot the reviews. When those are ready, we'll get them posted. Thx all.




Will December's "Last Licks" by Martin Goulding be downloaded with this current issue?

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