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Dave Mustaine's Attempts at Singing

Imagine "A Tout Le Monde" in Japanese

In a recent interview with WRIF, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine revealed that French wasn't the only language he attempted to utilize in the chorus of "A Tout Le Monde," Megadeth's classic 1995...

March 14, 1982: Metallica Play Their First Concert

March 14, 1982: Metallica Play Their First Concert

Thirty-five years ago today, four kids from California took the stage at Radio City in Anaheim, California completely unaware that their band would one day be among the biggest in the world.

Sammy Hagar: “What It Would Take for Me to Reunite with Van Halen”

Sammy Hagar Talks Van Halen

It’s been more than a year since Sammy Hagar sent Eddie Van Halen a birthday greeting via Twitter, signaling a thawing in their frosty relationship and leading fans to wonder if a Van Hagar reunion...