Abbey Road Engineer Ken Scott Says The Beatles' White Album Sessions Were a "Blast"



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" I’ve spoken to other people from the sessions, and we all agreed. We had a blast. So those other stories are all bullshit. " - Ken Scott

Well, I guess that Mr. Scott never talked with Paul McCartney or George Harrison:

Paul McCartney, 1987 interview: "The White Album was the tension album. We were all in the midst of the psychedelic thing, or just coming out of it. In any case, it was weird. Never before had we recorded with beds in the studio and people visiting for hours on end, business meetings and all that. There was alot of friction. It was the weirdest experience because we were about to break up-- that was tense in itself."

and in another interview: "I think it was a very good album. It stood up, but it wasn't a pleasant one to make. Then again, sometimes those things work for your art."

George Harrison: "By 1968 the rot had already set in."

Also, Ringo left the band for a few weeks while the album was being recorded.

And here is what their longtime engineer Geoff Emerick,who left in the middle of the White Album sessions had to say: "The group was disintegrating before my eyes. It was ugly, like watching a divorce between four people. After a while, I had to get out. It was a nightmare. I was becoming physically sick just thinking of going to the studio each night. I used to love working with the band. By that point, I dreaded it. Getting out was the only thing I could do."

What a blast that must have been! Good times, sunshine, and lollipops!

Take off the rose-tinted glasses Mr. Scott. And put down the hash pipe and walk away from the bottle of Scotch.

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