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Choice Cuts: Top Acoustic Songs from Bradford Cox of Deerhunter/Atlas Sound

Choice Cuts: Top Acoustic Songs from Bradford Cox of Deerhunter/Atlas Sound

Cutting not only a distinctive physical, but musical figure in the world of rock, Bradford Cox has for years been one of music’s most creative, enigmatic and fascinating personas.

Although his output has slowed over the last twelve months, from 2008 to 2011 Cox was on a barely comprehensible streak of creative brilliance.

With Deerhunter, the noisy ambient-punk band he fronts with equally capable singer/songwriter Lockett Pundt, and with his ongoing solo project Atlas Sound, Cox has crafted an immense, stunning body of work that truly stands alone.

Although he is probably most famous as a defender of the loud, in your face spirit of punk, and for the stunning noise-rock he has created with Deerhunter for years, Cox is equally as incredible unplugged.

Here we examine choice cuts from Cox's acoustic catalog.

1. Atlas Sound: “The Screens”

Always incredibly prolific, Cox for months would randomly drop “Virtual 7’” records recorded under the Atlas Sound moniker on his blog for free.

Despite it never being on an official, physical release, “The Screens” is one of the most beautiful ballads Cox has ever written.

A lonesome harmonica wanders restlessly over the song’s beautiful acoustic playing. It’s a fairly simple song, but one that simply takes your breath away.

The way Cox commands every aspect of the track showcases his complete mastery of the art of songwriting. As a fairly obscure B-side, it’s not easy to find. But its absolutely worth the effort, a hidden treasure deep inside of Cox’s imposing discography.

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