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Top Acoustic Tracks From the First Half of 2014

Top Acoustic Tracks From the First Half of 2014

Summer is finally here! And with that, the schedule of album releases slows a bit, letting everyone digest the musical offerings of spring.

Although the year is still somewhat young, there have been some incredible releases already.

Acoustically speaking, it has already been a year rife with innovation.

This is a list of the six best acoustic tracks of 2014 so far, in my humble opinion. They’re a scattered group, a group of songs made by artists from different genres, generations and attitudes.

Together, they show the incredible (and increasing) diversity in the world of acoustic music.

6. Neil Young- “Girl From The North Country”

What an anachronism, and what a treat, Neil Young’s cover album A Letter Home is.

For all of its faults, it has some truly remarkable performances. None are greater than hearing Young, one of rock’s most unforgettable and familiar voices, tackle a classic from another one of rock’s most unforgettable and familiar voices.

Recorded with 75-year-old technology, Young’s solo, acoustic cover sounds distant, like if you reach out to it, it’ll disappear from view.

And in that, Young flawlessly captures the loneliness and melancholy of the original tune, while simultaneously making it, a song that was an early key in establishing the myth and legend of Dylan, his own.


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