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Building Chords and Melodies from Fourth Intervals

This month, I’d like to talk about using fourth intervals as a building block for both chords and solos.Although this lesson leans more on the jazz side of things, this topic can be quite useful for better fretboard understanding even if jazz guitar isn’t your main thing.Quartal harmony—chords voiced in stacked fourth intervals, are a familiar sound in jazz accompaniment, popularized by... …

Metal Allegiance to Launch Self-Titled Debut Album at BackStory Live Interview Event

BackStory, a series of curated live, feature-length interviews with iconic artists and musicians, announces metal heavyweights David Ellefson (Megadeth), Mike Portnoy (The Winery Dogs), Alex Skolnick (Testament) and Mark Menghi of Metal Allegiance as upcoming guests for an exclusive live interview focusing on the band’s self-titled debut album, and much more. ... …