Andre Benjamin Stars as Hendrix in 'Jimi: All Is By My Side' Trailer — Video



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They should have got the guy from "Oh Brother where art Thou" He is the real deal. Jimi would kick this rappers ass! Assclown more like it



All Along the Crap Tower



It's absurd. Like a lot of stuff Hollywood does.
@stroonz58 : There has been so much written about Jimi that if anyone who cares still doesn't know about him then this film won't make a lick of difference (sorry for the pun :-).



I think that most people will shun the flick because they couldn't use original music. But a musical legend's biopic should be more than a long montage of musical performances. Jimi lived such a brief time, that not many people got to know the person behind the genius. His music was the vehicle he used to make society conscious of what was going on around them. I think if people want to learn about how he lived & was inspired by what was happening at that time in history, they should see it with that in mind. I think Andre is a good actor as well as a musician and will probably do Jimi proud.



Looks better than the last movie about Jimi Hendrix



can't wait for the movie, but can not believe his music will not be in it. RIDICULES.


Waddy Wachtel II ..... I hear does all the guitar work.

and Hendrix family did not allow any real Jimi music to be used.

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