From Another Dimension: ODD 3-D-Printed Guitars



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The videos and the reviews for these guitars aren't great.



Article is dated 8/21/2014, yet myself, and others, have commented on it nearly a year ago....

That's some nice, fresh, journalism there GW. Nothing new going on in the music world?

I shouldn't complain; at least it's not another "7 year old Korean girl plays Steve Vai / Dream Theater / (insert band name you don't want to hear creepy kids covering here) ....



Interesting idea--and I think 3-D printing is going to revolutionize the production of all sorts of things--but does it have to be shaped just like a Les Paul? I have no problem with Les Pauls--I've owned a few of them--but there are lots of other stylish shapes, both guitar-like or radical, that could have been used. Just sayin'...


box of dope

another gimmick to take the attention away from actual guitar playing,ha like kurt cobain!



Sorry, man. The design looks interesting, but the necks look like they came from the Samick factory in Jakarta at $5.00 a pop. Is this really worth all that dough?



You've obviously never heard of Warmoth.



I have. Owned a couple when I built axes for myself.

And I agree, this neck looks like a piece of crap.

The whole guitar looks more like something some corporate suit would hang on a wall as art; not a musical instrument.



Agreed, but that seems a bit less important. I have pets and it's a bitch controlling the friggin' fur that ends up on my guitar and in fact changed the pick up on my Les Paul Junior (I wanted to be rid of my open Epi 400T anyhow) with a covered Burstbucker pick up. This, albeit awesome looking, guitar would be a vacuuming nightmare. I also wonder how it would feel jamming for a few hours in a sitting position, for those of us with a slightly beer developed stomach. It ain't where my dad had his at my age, but it does press out a touch. I also hate the fretboard, the whole neck looks like an after thought. But, it can be played and the spider version does look cool as hell. So, there's that.

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