Apple Now Selling JamStik Digital Guitar — Demo Video



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People really need to calm their tits, like seriously. People that are freaking out about how it's for "beginners who want to learn the guitar on a fancy apple product" have never done any iOS, or even digital recording of any type. This isn't for learning or practing for a beginner, and it's not meant to frikin replace your 24 fret Ibanez JEM with a floyd. It's for recording, and anyone who has done digital recording knows how this can be used to make things a lot easier and articulate in a way. That said, it is over priced, maybe like $150, but people who are freaking out and chirping it should calm their shit.



So is this just a toy for beginners and wannabees? As it exists, probably--but I could see a full-size version used as a recording tool by actual guitar players. As we all know, there are tons or recording and amp-simulator apps available for i-Devices, and I could use something like this to record virtual keyboard parts (I don't play keyboard) in the studio. It'll be interesting to see if they come up with a pro version.



Totally shocked by the negative comments above. I got mine earlier this week (I was an early KickStarter) and it is AMAZING. Will it replace my 5 guitars, of course not, silly. But what it is doing is providing me a way to enjoy playing ANYWHERE, especially when I travel. Ever taken a good guitar on an airplane? Then retuning is required if it isn't damaged. I can also play privately with headphones - AND the music backdrops and mixing tools are sa-weeet!

It's almost like people feel threatened by this. Fear not, your 'real' guitars will always be the best, but this opens new doors for enjoying guitar when you otherwise couldn't.

It is certainly NOT a toy - it is incredible how accurate it is, and worth every dime (or dollar) it costs for the relaxed accessible jamming it makes possible.

Ignore the nah-sayers who baulk at anything new, this thing is amazing and down right fun!




Does anyone think it would be possible to stop people from calling everything with strings on a stick a guitar? It might be a great musical instrument for some people but I don't think it's a guitar. Or am I just being a snob?



I'd love to know how any of you were able to come to the conclusion that this product intends to replace a real guitar at all. Take your "$1,000 Gretsch" and throw it into a back pack and play it on an airplane. You can't. Control iOS apps with your "1,000 Gretsch". You can't. The fact that you can't see that this product has SOME sort of place on the music landscape tells me that you probably have a collection of dumb guitar logo T Shirts that you wear tucked into your dad jeans in hopes that someone will strike up a conversation about your "$1,000 Gretsch".



Wow. I learned something new. I've been using about - uhm -let me see - ya, maybe 15 or 16 fret positions. And I should only be using 5! And JamStik can replace 30 years of training and practice for only $300.00. Where were you JamStik when I wasted that $1,000.00 on that crappy Gretsch guitar. Apple is making a mockery of music. I think I will waste my money on scotch or something.



Cute. Useless and overpriced. But cute. My arm is used to carrying a guitar.



It's a bit like Fender or Gibson making computers...I guess if a person wants to learn on a guitar-like thing with only 5 frets, then go for it, but anyone can get a real guitar & amp starter kit (albeit a cheap one) for less, & actually be able to practice scales, modes, & barre chords.

The thing is, Apple will probably sell a bunch of these things because there are a bunch of folks that just GOTTA HAVE the latest tech toys...



I agree with Jeremy, it's an overpriced toy, like all Apple products...


Jeremy Casey

Maybe if it was $100 and you could use it to practice on occasion. But I can't see paying $300 for a five fret guitar that you can't use to really play in any meaningful manner.



Sounds good as long as they don't change it to four frets. Kind of like a guitar that had a smooth contoured neck to body frame and then turned into a bolt on neck. That type of thing.



Me thinks that will screw with regular correct technique. I would rather get a Chaquita or similar small scale guitar.

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