April 2012 Guitar World Excerpt: Randy Rhoads "Not a Big Fan" of Black Sabbath



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Stephen Quinn

Randy had a brilliant technique and an incredible sound. I was hooked on his solo on the live version of 'Paranoid' on the Tribute album. Gives the song a definite boost.



Yeah good to read about Dana Strum. Dana is a real ROCK ICON and was and still is responsible for lots REAL ROCK bands today. Over and above his on band SLAUGHTER, he runs all of Vince Neil performances booking etc and handles a lot of business for Nikki Sixx. He is also the one responsible installing Mark Slaughter in WAR of ROCK.

Great interview Dana tells the story about Randy and Ozzy google Dana Strum Interview war of rock.

Rock On



The article on Randy this month was a breath of fresh air compared to all the retread articles I have read over the years. It was nice reading about his audition. I had always heard it a LOT differently.

Randy is a true inspiration for any guitarist no matter the style. I always go back to his music when I need to refresh myself on some great techniques.

God Bless you Randy!

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