April 2012 Guitar World Out Now: 50 Greatest Van Halen Songs, Randy Rhoads and 50 Chords You Need to Know



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Just got the April 2012 issue in the mail today. Missing over 25 pages when they glued this together so it kinda sucks. Poor quality control. Missing most of this month's Tabs and who knows what else. Customer service can't send me another.... only extend my subscription. I can understand if I requested an older issue but this is the current issue. Bummer!!!!



Im disappointed. People subscribe to this mag for new interviews and new transcriptions from new albums. Especially from new van halen! Come on! this mag was never like this in the early days. What happened. If you guys cant deliver new stuff you will be going out of business i will guarantee it.



I want a new interview with Eddie!



I was anticipating a couple new transcriptions to some of the new van halen songs in this issue. What gives? Do we really need to rehash hot for teacher? Its 25 plus years old and has been transcribed many times before. I would have liked to have seen outta space bullethead china town blood and fire. Something!



Tried to Download the April Vids, and got this message. What gives?

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