From the Archive: Dimebag Darrell and Zakk Wylde Discuss the State of Metal and Dissolution of Pantera



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box of dope

nope i was wrong, it was a tapping lesson. GW asked zack & dime how they employ tapping into theire runs, had to go back to the old mag, & dust it off.



I started playing, in 2000, because of Dimebag. I remember exactly where I was on 12/8/2008. I wonder how much $ people have made off his name, since then.



This is such an outstanding article, I remember reading this when you first published it. One of the reasons I started playing the Electric guitar.


box of dope

true huh, back then when we paid for stuff we liked! also was the 1st time i seen those 2 together, man was this the issue where they also showed us some fake whammy bar licks?

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