Are You Being Held Hostage by Your Guitar?



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Right on! I don't get the whole "all-original-vintage" thing. Frets and hardware wear out over time. If you play it, it WILL get worn out.
I play so hard, I have to replace frets every few years.
Great blog!



Right on! (sorry I'm old) What is the purpose of owning a guitar if you don't rock it and beat the crap out of it. F investing, it is a sin not to have a beautiful guitar get banged as often as possible. I own guitars from mexican strats to a gretch black falcon and I beat the poop out of all of them strum-wise. Luckily, few dings over the years, but still, not making music is cursing that instrument to its version of hell, not fulfilling its only reason for being. Cruel.



Well I'm one of those guy's that will buy a $$$ guitar as a 'Work of Art' and not feel bad about not playing it. There are PLENTY of guitars, both pro and non pro quality that sound great and are designed for rugged everyday use. I have 'Practice', 'Working Class', 'Signature' and 'Work of Art' guitars and I'm cool with that.


Been there myself, after buying a new LP Standard a couple of years ago. I freaked out over the first few dings and scratches (#$%!@%& nitro finish...), but ultimately it's my guitar, and while I'm careful with it, the battle scars it collects will be ones that I earned and tell my story.



Man I was willing to kill at one point to get that big ass Gibson hollowbody that Steve Howe used live on Yessong's in 1973. It wasn't the ES-175 either. This beast was like an L-5 mutant/byrdlander is was Blonde maple with 3 count em! 3 PAF's and more switches than the space shuttle lol! But he made it scream. But dat chits way expensive nowadays its gotta be a 30,000-40,000 dollar geetar. I've got a Yamaha L-6 acoustic, Yamaha RGX A2,PRS Torero,Jackson SLQ2 Soloist.Pound for pound the Yamaha's are Kick butt and I can play em hard with no worries. The RGX-A2 is a sleeper of an electric its got tone for days. The PRS Torero is a fine axe but has EMG's. 9 volt batteries are the devils doing lol. The Jackson is almost too easy to play. But one thing for sure is our Asian brothers and sisters are getting much better at making instruments. Don't get me wrong I still prefer American made but cant afford it. I need a pimp or a sugar daddy like all these 14 year old prodigies lol


For this being your first article, you did an excellent job and I look forward to reading more of your work.

Cheers! \m/ \m/



Sounds like in this case the guitar was greater than the guitarist.

What I mean by that is that people will pay ridiculous $$$ for Jeff Beck's, Yngwie's, Van Halen's guitars, the ones that they beat down to death.

At the same time looks like this guy couldn't get the guitar to be bigger than itself by adding his fame to it.

My dream guitars get played, but maybe because I don't view them as "investments".



I've always dreamed of getting a custom built archtop, a jazzbox the gods would want to play, one that would actually glow in its magnificent fat tone radiance, a guitar that would inspire the masses to procreate by the issuance of one gently appeggiated diminished chord...when the time came for me to seek out that long dreamed about glorious tone machine, I was toutured with thoughts of my nearly empty bank account, my impending mortgage payment following the few/several that have already been missed, my TV and internet, gas and electric, sewer, and other utilities teetering on the edge of being turned off, the lone bowl of "mystery casserole" in the fridge and the empty ramen box in the cupboard right next to the emergency can of Spam (you know, the one that, if still unused, means that things can't be all *that* bad...I've had one for 19 years that has remained undisurbed, assuring me that my financial state is still better than it could be)! After reality bit me in the ass *hard*, I "settled" for my 2010 Ibanez Artcore AG75TDG, which is a wonderful playing guitar, has a great, warm-and-fairly-full yet bright-and-articulate acoustic tone, and offers me the versatility of having a Bigsby along with its pair of moderate output humbuckers for clean, thick and juicy amplified tone...and, with its creme white with gold hardware enhanced asthetics set off with an ebony fretboard and ivory-look tuner buttons, my $450 "compromise" is beautiful too! Granted, it ain't that hand crafted $30,000 D'Angelico I've always dreamed about, but for the investment, (which came to less than $600 *with* the HSC and sales tax included) I have a beautiful, extremely playable guitar that my wife DIDN'T want to kill me for buying, and one that I'm NOT terrified to bring to an open mic night!

Now, for that dream solidbody I always wanted/needed to sooth the raging beast that is my rock and roll soul...ahh, this almost terminal case of G.A.S. I suffer from is never ending, lmao!



I play all Squire Standards, I really like the one that is daphne blue, plays as well as any american made, set it up, those Seymore Duncans are the beezkneez! I even bought 1 more just like it for a backup. But then again I also own 2 Ibanez RG2ex1's, these guitars are Ibanez's moonshine riders, they look like a normal cheap guitar, but are built with top quality specs! Bought mine both at a pawn shop fpr about $100 each, got some upgraded pickups, made a change to a polyester capacitor and you have a Paul Gilbert, dream machine!
These guitars make me want to play, and they all look damn good and turn heads, they just don't drain your wallet!



Right now, my "dream guitar" is a PRS Custom 24 Artist Package with several customizations, & it would be a daily player. In fact, it would probably become my most played guitar.

Guitar's aren't paintings, they are meant to be seen AND heard. If I'm going to invest, it'll be in gold, silver, platinum &/or an IRA. I would never own a guitar that I would be afraid to play daily, doesn't matter if it's worth $100 or $100,000.

If a guitar is worth a lot of money, it's probably because it's unique, has exceptional play & sound characteristics, and/or there aren't a lot of them left. I've seen decades old Martin's in unplayable condition after decades of neglect & miss-handling that needed serious repairs go for several grand. Even beat up, as long as it's in playable condition, that '50's Tele is still going to be a very valuable guitar.

To look at it another way, a large number of Antonio Stradivari's stringed instruments are still played today, despite being worth millions of dollars each.



Last month i turned 40, time to buy your dream guitar. My wife told me she would pay for it.
I always wanted a Gibson les Paul, so I went to the store. In the guitar store I played several les Paul's and i liked the idea to own one. But The guitar sounded ok, but not that great so I couldn't spend the cash. In the end I bought a cheaper Eddie van Halen guitar.

I would probably be the guy with the tele. Now I like to bang the shit out of my evh-guitar.



I AM the guy with the Tele--the one in my headshot is a 1952. But the thing is, back when I bought it, it cost about the same as a Fender Custom Shop '52 Relic did at the time.


I don't think the price should ever stop you from playing it.Each dent, ding,scratch,chip,burn mark,or what ever(as long as it is not broken)just adds too its own guitar mojo(sound,tone, ect.)I own 2 Les Pauls (a 79 km and a 97 classic)and 1 American fender strat.They are all high end guitars.These are my stage instruments,I bought them to play them they were designed to play on.they play better they sound better.As a artist,why would you want too sound crappy



Yeah, i bought a Warwick Music man limited edition a few years back. I paid £1500 for it. If i had paid any more i think that i would have been too afraid to gig with it incase of damaging the guitar.

If you want to buy a guitar to show of, buy it in a case and put it on your wall. If ya want play it. £1500 it my tops for a playable guitar.



billkropp, I trust it has a pointy headstock.

bear_it, thanks for the positive comments. I'm the same way, either play 'em or sell 'em to someone who will!



Hope this isn't the last column inch you scrape together. I read it and I hear ya.

All of the guitars I own (which is absurd, you can only play one at a time) make my fingers tingle. The ones that have passed thru' my hands that didn't, get sold.

You're spot on


My guitar wants to kill your mama!

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