Ask Paul: The Basics of Rock Guitar in Five Songs



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I'll use this to state my all time favorite solos

1. I remember you by skid row
2. A song for love by extreme
3. The forgotten part 2 by joe satriani
4. For the love of god by Steve vai
5. Wanted man by ratt



"Time" - Pink Floyd: its the first real solo I ever sat and learned by ear that I was proud of. The song also teaches how to play in cooperation with a keyboard player.

"Monday Morning" - Fleetwood Mac: this was one of the first songs I ever learned as a teenager. It really taught me to listen to the drums and bass to improve my sense of rhythm and figure out where my sonic space was, as well as having a very melodic yet manageable solo.

"I Want You To Want Me" - Cheap Trick: this song has lot of cool things going for it like a firm bluesy main rhythmic chug and lots of opportunity add your own little flourishes before and after the very cool power-blues solo!

"You Shook Me All Night Long" - AC/DC: its got it all if you want to learn rock guitar...great riffs, great chorus, and one of the coolest bluesy solos even a young guitar player can get down.

"Back on The Chain Gang" - The Pretenders: this was the first song I learned where I realized you can have a really great guitar song without a flashy solo. Also it teaches you a lot of chording far down the neck outside the cowboy zone.



Great list of excellent songs.GW should tab all out next issue.



The Cranberries - Zombie
Nirvana - Polly
Metallica - Die Die My Darling
Mayhem - Carnage
and then Iron Man :)
thats my first ones



1) house of the rising sun
2) secret agent man
3) groovy grubworm
4) into the sun
5) maybe i'm a leo



Yeah !! I remember having a lot of fun playing House of the rising sun learning chords ...

The first 90 seconds of seasons in the abyss were also really cool.



1) Purple Haze - learning the solo was intriguing because it sounded so "out there" vs. all of the pentatonic stuff I was playing.
2) Crazy Train - the first technically challenging solo I ever learned
3) Pride and Joy - learning the shuffle rhythm!
4) Sweet Home Alabama - where I discovered that there was also a MAJOR pentatonic scale
5) Crossroads - I probably improved my improvisational chops a thousand-fold by jamming through the two solo sections in this song countless times


Steve Jones's leads on "God Save The Queen" are a much better double-stop workout than anything by Lynyrd Skynyrd.



Good list. When I teach I call them 'Songs Every Guitar Player Needs To Know'.
1. Whole Lotta Love, great for a repeating figure and a combo of palm and finger muting.
2. Back In Black, introducing chord movement, short riffs and the pentatonic scale.
3. Day Tripper, the ultimate riff song, its sounds as fresh today as it did in 1965.
4. Paranoid, short riffs, fast chugging and quick chord changes, and it too still sounds fresh.
5. Sweet Home Alabama, easy to learn, lots of playing off the chords and easy to sing.
6. La Grange, syncopated rhythm, pentatonic scale, dynamics and pinch harmonics.
7. Johnny Be Goode, double stops and the rock and roll rhythm.
8. Enter Sandman, a good way to teach string skipping, dynamics, altering riffs and how to employ a wah pedal.
9. Rumble, how to play with attitude and be cool.


I agree-Iron was my 1st real song!



1) Green Onions
2) What's My Age Again
3) Purple Haze / Hey Joe
4) Mary Had a little Lamb
5) Fade To Black

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