Ask Paul: Five Great Guitars for Under $500, Part 1



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Well to tell ya the truth, as far as the epi goes, I picked up a slash gold top, it's a hollow body version, duncun pickups with treble bleed elecs already in it. Got a flawless used one for 500 bucks. However, I also have a all mahogany studio les Paul Gibson. It came standard with burst buckers and grovers. The epi is a solid playing guitar, but for a couple hundred more,180 to be exact, the Gibson plays circles around the epi... Just my opinion, love both guitars, and love the cheaper studio Gibson better than my three thousand dollar appetite lp. Gues I just like those chambered bodys better. Has anyone bought, or played the new ultra three, I think the Gibson version is almost six thousand or something ridiculous like that, so I won't be getting one of those anytime soon. But for home studio ease, I.e. The USB and stero jacks in the ultra, what kind of quality is the guitar. I think we all can agree there are high end epis and low end ones, any thoughts?+



Awesome to see something about affordable, good guitars. I loathe the snobbery that is everpresent in the guitar playing world, not everyone can afford, or wants, a three thousand dollar guitar or amp and I know for a fact there are some really great import guitars out there that just get laughed off simply because they're imports. Ibanez has some fantastic stuff out there as well. Bravo Paul! Thanks for looking out for the regular guy.



Good article. But this does not help those who are lefties though.



Hey Paul what do you think of the new epiphone riviera P-93 WIne Red Guitar. A video review would be nice otherwise if you could talk about the history of the guitar & what it's made out of.




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