Axl Rose Declines Induction Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Kills Guns N' Roses Reunion Rumors



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Black Face

I agree with OZZYMBS that the world has passed up Axl Rose. No one cares about him and he is culturally irrelevant. His "band" is full of nobodies, no one knows the names (GnR fans of the original line up do not - not to say there are may be a few who do). The band that Axl runs is a joke. Slash, Duff, Matt and Izzy are known. Axl is too mentally unstable to work with and that is what killed the band. He is a nut job and not viable. Too many musicians become this and blame "the man". Just a cop out and fans suffer. Good thing Deep Purple got rid of Ritchie Blackmore. I like Blackmore but he was a jerk and was destroying DP. Steve Morse and the rest put some real muscle into the band and I am thankful for that. They are still playing and relevant. Axle should open a restaurant on Sunset Blvd and continue to get fat from cheeseburgers. At least that would be real. Call the joint: Axle's Waistband. Then he can start a tribute band to his Chinese Democracy line up and play Sunday Matinees calling it Fat Ass.



boo this man!



Obviously I am one of the few who really liked Chinese Democracy.

There is too much bad blood there. He moved on, and the rest of the band jammed together, be glad for that. No one knows this whole story. I've read Axl's version, and I'm not sure I would either.

They are all doing their own thing now so move along people. Move along.



Wow he couldn't just show up and say thanks on the microphone? Shit, Dave Mustaine and Metallica have joined at a few shows, Anthrax hooked up with Belladonna for a minute there, shit even Van Halen got back with DLR, come on dude



yeah exactly what we expected from him, too much talk. Man up and step up for your fellow musicians at least for respect for all the things they provided in your life.



Axl knows that nobody gives a crap about him anymore. He knows that he is gonna be scrutinized so badly at the show so his weak ass is scared off from all of it. He really should give up the name guns n roses cuz that shit is in the past. There will never be a guns n roses again even if the original line up was in it. Axl single handedly tore that to shreds forever. Thanks alot prick.



Publicity stunt much



Fans would go crazy if all of the Guns and Roses line up were there for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Both Past and Present)! Many people know that Axl Rose doesn't exactly got it together. There was too many friction going on in the past among some of the members of the band. I used to like Guns and Roses. But it is not just the same as it was before. In his letter, he is right that people had to move on whether you disagree or agree. I don't mine for my guitar teacher teaching me how to play Sweet Child of Mine! I was able to mimic Slash's Lead Solo on my Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus and I think I found his tone on my guitar, pedals and amp setup. My teacher said,"That is very close." I am one of the fortunate souls who got to meet the original line up and BucketHead himself! How did that happened? I have a theory and it may sound like a long story. I go by the name of Flood! I love playing guitars and wish me luck to become one of the fortunate souls who would be having fun on stage by entertaining the crowd from the clubs to the big stage. Peace to everyone who wants to rock the free world!!!



I wouldn't expect Axl to do anything less; he, along with the original GN'R is honored with an induction to the R&R Hall of Fame, and he spits on it; real class, son! I personally have two friends in the current lineup (which I don't even refer to as GN'R, because the swagger is gone, and I won't identify them due to Axl's still mismanaged temper, having met him on several different occasions over 20 years, I can still say that he has issues he hasn't dealt with, but this is not about bashing him.), and I did not go to see them when they last were in my area, because when I did, it was an embarrassment. It should be billed The Axl Rose Band or something else, because it's certainly no longer Guns N' Roses. I had been a big supporter of the band until after the Use Your Illusion set when things drastically changed, I wanted to continue to support them with "Chinese Democracy", but I couldn't. I'm all for change and growth, but I felt the writing wasn't there any more.
Whatever the drama the former members and Axl continue to have is what it is, with no end in sight, apparently... a shame, considering that five guys came from nowhere to create one of most influential hard rock bands of all time can't be civil enough to celebrate their accomplishments, if only for one night. Yes, Van Halen was similar, but Eddie was in rehab and Dave made a lame excuse, leaving former members to accept the induction, which was itself pretty sad.
But, I congratulate Guns 'N' Roses (including the ungrateful Axl Rose) for their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for their contribution to music.
Having said that, what about Motorhead, Cheap Trick, Living Colour, Thin Lizzy and possibly Fishbone for possible induction?





He's always been and remains a long-winded, self-important, narcissistic waste of air and skin.
If I cared enough to do it I'd ask him to crawl back into his own private corner of Hell and rot. But I don't.
Rock on Axl. LMFAO!!!



What a tw@t.


Didn't expect anything different.

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