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AXOLOGY: Super-Vee Double-Locking System for Strat

AXOLOGY: Super-Vee Double-Locking System for Strat

The Super-Vee is the first “drop-in” double-locking vibrato system of its kind. Designed exclusively for the Stratocaster, it requires no modifications to your guitar’s body or neck. 

The Super-Vee uses patented Blade technology that, unlike the typical pivoting-fulcrum design, provides frictionless action. As a result, it won’t wear out and always returns to perfect tune. 

The system has individual height-adjustable saddles, deep fine tuners for quick drop-D tuning, a low profile for ease of playing, heavy nickel plating and a side-locking nut to eliminate string pinch. 

Prices for the Super-Vee range from $229 to $259, and component parts can be purchased separately. The system comes with do-it-yourself installation instructions, or Super-Vee will install the system and set-up your guitar for $85, shipping included, with a three-day turnaround. 

The SuperVee system can also be adapted for other models. Check out the company’s web site for more information and options.

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