Babymetal Perform Sold-Out Show in London — Video



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Asian culture is kinda perverted. Compared to the USA's they have a weird obsession with little girls borderline criminal. But its probably like Mexico where the age of consent is 13 Lmao!!! That being said we have more than enough weirdos is this country already!



Toddlers & Tiaras, a popupar AMERICAN tv show bradcast on TLC and children beauty contest where they act and dress like strippers are not perverted for sure...



I apologize for the long response ahead of time, but it is hard to unpack this kind of thing briefly.

I can understand your sentiments about the idol scene. I personally am not a fan of it either, although I find it interesting from a cultural perspective. That being said, I feel that your statement about "Asian culture" being perverted is over-generalized. The issue is more specific to Japan mostly.

Having studied Japanese in college and Japan's culture for the past 10 years, I can say that it is not so much a "weird obsession with little girls borderline criminal." For one, the Japanese in general are more into the concepts of purity, youthfulness, and cuteness. Much of these concepts are responsible for creating the idol scene, but we have to remember that the Japanese unconsciously separate sexuality from nudity and other things that Westerners combine together. In other words, the Japanese do not view idols sexually for the most part. Rather, fans of idols are generally ostracized as being "gross," "pervs," etc. by many Japanese women.

Ironically, some women become idols despite their general disdain for the idol scene. Usually though, the industry preys upon young(er) girls and unsuspecting families, promising fame, riches, etc. The sad truth is that most idols wind up being abused by their agencies and the industry overall. Many quit quickly because of the pressure to perform without being able to have a social life and just be who they are. Much of what is seen on stage is an act. Behind the stage, many idols are underpaid, get burn-out, and/or are forced to "retire" due to non-compliance, angering the wrong person(s), and/or reaching a certain age (usually 20 or so). This has caused many controversies around the idol scene (AKB48 being the most noted) with some advocacy groups calling for governmental action against people within the industry as well as the industry itself. So, if anything, the industry is much to blame for creating these kinds of things.

On the other hand, fans of these groups are just as responsible. It is not unheard of that fans will by multiple copies of the same CD/DVD because of a few tweaks here and there, which is usually just some of the art or the opportunity to go to a handshaking event. While it is popular to think that many of these fans are ostracized members of Japanese society, that is usually not the case. Most of them are normal Joe Shmo's, although a tendency does exist for them to come from certain backgrounds, usually male and single. Most of these fans just see idols and their music as just another artist and want to see them succeed. To that end, they will do almost anything that they can to support them and cheer them on.

The effect of it all is that one could argue that the idol and pop cultural scene is partially responsible for Japan's current population problem. Many fans of idols and anime are simply not interested in being in a relationship with a real person of the opposite gender because they have an idealized, unrealistic version of that gender in their minds. Ultimately, many are finding that they cannot relate to members of the opposite gender and marrying outside of the Japanese race. So, it is not really "weirdos" like you say; rather, it is a culture full of individual people in crisis.

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