From Bach to Rock: Are You Learning to Play Songs or Learning to Play Guitar?



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I am self-taught dude, and just a few months ago I started
to dig into theory and it does seem very daunting with all the foreign
sounding names and flats and sharps and all that stuff!
But I'll tell you what, start learning the major scale all by itself.
You will learn that within the major scale there are all. The modes; major,
Dorian,Phrygian,Lydian,mixolydian,aeolian ,are all within the major scale.
They just need to be kept in order and expanded. It looks harder than it is.
It obviously gets, much more advanced, but by then you will know the "terrain"!
If I can figure it out , anyone can!! Good luck dude.



Good luck



I am one of those self taught guitarists and I feel the same way. I can learn the songs given time, and I can go all over the fretboard, but I have no clue what I'm doing and theory is like rocket science to me. I sometimes regret just not going to take lessons to begin with.

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