Back Pedaling: Avoid Going Overboard with Effect Pedals



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I don't know, have you seen the Xotic RC Booster? Some of the most excellent tones I've ever heard have came solely from that pedal. Place it in front of any amp, right before any pedal, with any guitar, and you will never turn it off again. It's amazing! No I don't work for the company, just a regular guitarists sharing good tone tips. check it out dude.



This is good advice but if you play in a cover band spanning songs from the 50's to today it's imperative to have a lot of pedals or a multi fx unit. Otherwise, yeah, go for your own sound first.



>Usually the best meats are delicious with olive oil and sea salt, and the same applies to guitar.

Remaining in the spirit of the above analogy, once the dish is served, you may like to add a touch of pepper.

> For me, usually the best players and most creative sounds use the fewest pedals.

For years I've practiced as much without an amp at all as with, if not more. Sometimes it's not practical, but I've always wanted to know what sounds I could produce with my guitars alone, and then add to them.

That said, I can't think of a sound I've loved more over the years than a distorted Strat, so I rarely, if ever, play without at least a distortion/fuzz pedal. Butwise man wiseman once said, "to each his own" . . .

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