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Eric Clapton's 'Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010' Coming To Blu-Ray And DVD

Often credited as being one of the all-time greatest guitarists and known amongst his peers as one of the all-time greatest collaborators, the ultimate Clapton collaboration took place earlier this year at the Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010 on June 26 at Chicago’s Toyota Park. For one day only, Clapton gathered the past, present and future of guitar music onto one stage for an all-day musical... …

Eric Clapton: Fit for Kings

    At the dawn of the millennium, Eric Clapton and B.B. King pooled their legendary blues talents on Riding wih the King, an epic album 30 years in the making. When Eric Clapton arrived in New York in 1967, he was the toast of the town. The rock community was buzzing about the British blues prodigy and his new band, Cream, whose slinky “I Feel Free” was fast becoming a staple on underground... …

101 Amazing Licks - Lick 52

We all know a great lick when we hear one—Jimmy Page’s solo breaks in “Whole Lotta Love” and Mark Knopfler’s blistering triads in “Sultans of Swing,” for example. Moments like these grab your attention and aurally brand your ears forever. Or, sometimes it acts more subliminally: You suddenly find yourself playing a certain lick over and over again, wondering, Where have I heard this before? ... …