Bent Out of Shape: Has Heavy Metal Become a Joke? Part 2 — the Power of the Blues



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The irony of this is that YOU do not have the mental capacity or the emotional connection to GREATNESS. You, unfortunately were either not born with it or you have horrible influences. This article is spot on in every sense. I would love for you to defend guttural and screaming vocals, as many of the new bands today have, and tell me every single vocalist isn't interchangeable. Why even write lyrics?

It is far more masterful to use the blues "technique" to create your sound. Today's mindless shredding and piss-poor live shows are an example of how soulless today's metal is.



Michael Schenker has influenced just about every metal guitarist from 1975 on including Dave Mustaine, Dimebag, Randy Rhoads,Paul Gilbert, Kirk Hammett and James of Metallica, Kerry King, Joe Satriani, Zakk Wylde, Yngwie, the guys in Priest and Maiden and just about anybody else you could think of.

Why do all these legends count him as a hero? He had (and still does) every arrow in his quiver. Tone, soul, melody, speed, balls, and complexity. Listen to the tracks "Bijou Pleasurette" "Ulcer" "Love To Love" "Rock You To The Ground" "What Happens To Me" "Save Yourself" "Rock Bottom" "Into The Arena"and "Captain Nemo". And that's just for starters!

All the young pups out there can learn a lot from this guitar god, and if they do, metal guitar will be in good hands in no time. Gary Moore would be a good follow up study as well.



As a younger player, I had to comment on this. I'm 21 and have been playing guitar for a little over 8 years, self taught. I do really think blues guitar is such a beautiful way to express yourself, I've often said I would play blues if I didn't play metal. I would rather take three notes and squeeze emotion out of them then a thousand notes any day. While it is neat to speed around the neck it bothers me to see these guys who over complicate every lead with technical stuff. In my opinion a solo is not a show off section, it allows you to say what you can't in the riff or melody. Its supposed to support the song as well as give you your sonic voice. I'm not against technicality, its just I think its a plague that affects younger players. It makes everyone forget about displaying emotion, something that Mr. Moore demonstrated in the above clip. And as far as metal becoming a joke, I think there are few bands that still carry the old fire and most of them are unsigned. A lot of the bands in my area as well as mine (not to sound egotistical) embrace the old school as well as putting some twists on it to keep it fresh. It just seems like the bigger bands all follow the same formula: Drop the guitars to mush, have a lead screamer or growler(since no one can sing worth a fuck anymore), sweep pick the solo to oblivion, and draw the song out for umpteen minutes. While I was raised on 80's thrash, that doesn't mean I don't appreciate heavier or newer stuff its just I have to like it. Anyway's just thought I'd let the older vets know that there is plenty of younger players embracing the old school and it lives. I happily don my leather jacket and bullet belt!



Thank God
I thought I was alone, I usually wear my leather jacket to school and everyone makes fun of me but then they all attempt to sweep and I just play my style (which is a little like fast eddie/slash mix) and everyone wants to be friends with me haha



Hi Will! I am a 45 year old die hard metal fan and I totally understand the points you're making. I've been saying similar statements for years. The emotions and feelings that are somehow captured within certain recordings; and then somehow pass through the music, to the listener, is what I believe most current metal has been lacking for a long time.

There are emotions that overwhelm me and I can actually feel them in the music when I listen to Pantera's: Vulgar Display of Power, several Iron Maiden recordings, Guns N' Roses: Appetite for Destruction, just to name a few. Another personal observation I've made is that most of the "feelings" I refer to begin negatively. It's like the anger of Metallica's James Hetfield is actually reaching me personally from their early recordings. Listening to Rage Against the Machine can also provide this effect for me. Blues musicians will tell you the same thing. The "Blues" are just negative feelings and emotions being passed through music. I don't mean to imply that all music is negative but I personally feel most METAL music that I love has a certain anger OR angst vibe.

I have a 17 year old son who plays in two progressive metal bands. Their influences are more of the modern metal genre such as Veil of Maya, Periphery, After the Burial, Beneath the Masses, Animals as Leaders, etc... They are good but I've been trying to help them understand that almost all GREAT music has more EMOTION or at least as much as, technical skill. The above-referenced Gary Moore video is a FANTASTIC example. They just think I'm an old man who doesn't know anything about "current" music.

I do NOT want metal to be back in the mainstream again but I believe it's a lost genre of music right now. It's MY opinion that metal music is lacking the feeling it once had because there is nothing to rebel against anymore. My parents were AFRAID of hard rock and heavy metal but now that MY generation, which grew up on hard rock and metal from the 70's and 80's are the "grown ups", we know music shouldn't be feared... or should it?

Another observation I've made is that MOST bands begin to lose their "musical passion" when they become successful. The more successful they become, the LESS feeling is in their music. The success removes their passion. I KNOW the music is great when I listen to it, THEN, I want to SHARE it with others because the music excited me.

I don't know what the answer is but I still want music to MOVE me! Thanks for listening, or I should say... reading.




The laser sounds in the last solo where cool. As for Gary Moore being heavier than most metal today, i don't think so, but his solos are better than most metal players today. A lot of the American metal bands today have solos that are more like just a bunch of noise, fast playing and no melody. I would look to the European bands for melodic players. Bands like Children of Bodom, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Hevisaurus, SauruXet, and Nightwish. All of which use the blues and emotion in their playing. But there are also a good amount of American bands out there too. But I agree that of the hundreds of well known metal bands out there, only a few play with the feel that you talk of.



I think that most types of music can provoke emotions, but one person will ~feel~ only a fraction of these types of music.

I feel the blues, the classic rock, the heavy metal, the death metal, even some rap.

Classical music does not reach me. Complicated abstract jazz does not reach me. Dubstep does not reach me (but I don't care that they exist and let them exist).

... and death metal does not seem to reach you.
It does not mean that metal is on the WRONG path.

I wish you the best of luck if you plan to bring metal back on the track you want it to be.

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