Bent Out of Shape: Has Heavy Metal Become a Joke?



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Agree 100% and then some.

The lack of rhythm among vocalists has descended into non-musical "cookie monster" retching.

I love metal guitarists, bassists and drummers, but the vocalists lack any sense of musical pattern - no rhythm, no swing, no.....anything other than horror retching.


This. To all the metal bands,please stop with the death metal vocals. Metal of the 60's,70's,80's and early 90's never had that stuff.



Yeah, except for the metal bands in the mid/late 80s and early 90s who had them. You know, when black and death metal were peaking commercially and artistically. Oh right, you wouldn't know, because anything that doesn't fit neatly in your little box is invalid to you.


This is a good article, crackasnowflake mentions, are some good bands out there, but the question remains, why we don´t have right now bands that really stand out of the crowd, there's been so little bands that may sound interesting, but we don't have something like Pantera or Metallica or whatever great band that comes to your mind, I'm not speaking musically, but in a way that you feel that "wow I have to check this out" every band just feels the same, the point is that they feel soulless.



I have to agree. I don't consider Lizzy to be metal...but I am glad he mentioned them. I actually bought Shades of a Blue Orphanage on CD before I had a CD player. I knew I was missing an album, this was before the internet, and I found Shades at Camelot Music...I bought it and then went and bought a player. I'm into metal...Maiden, Priest, Sabbath, Megadeth, Metallica...I actually bought Kill 'Em All on vinyl just because of the cover art and song, oh man, I am telling my age...but, overall, as Lemmy says...come on, it's all just rock and roll. Too many genres, sub-genres, it what you want...and let someone else call it what they point in arguing or fighting over it!! It's like they say about pornography...I can't exactly describe it, but I know it when I see it. Same with metal...maybe I can't exactly describe it...but I know it when I hear it. Good Day All!!!



"As I mentioned in the beginning, due to the over-monopolization of record labels, it's impossible to get a deal with a big label unless you have a marketing gimmick and are fashionable."

Here is a list of metalblade and summerian acts you tell me what their gimmicks are

after the burial
born of osiris
the dillinger escape plan
the faceless
veil of maya
as I lay dying
between the burried and me
the black dahlia murder
white chapel
job for a cowboy
and many more...

You don't have to have a gimmick to get famous in metal, you just have to put out good albums (ask the black dahlia murder who got signed off their first demo). Yes, the band you played in did have to have a gimmick, because they couldn't make it with just their music. This sounds like someone disenfranchised from his own scene and instead of wondering where he went wrong, got out of metal and now comments on where metal went wrong. There are a lot of people trying to making a living on the road, and because you couldn't make it, you are trying to make sure nobody makes it by saying they lack melodic solos and tagging the post with spinal tap.

This post lacks creativity... just like your band's name. (see you're not the only one that can give ad homonym attacks)

T3h Shr3dd3r

None of which are on a big label. Point made. I can name several metal bands that don't use gimmicks, care about the music, follow melodies...
But the biggest show they play is at a bowling alley during an office party.
My nephew plays in a band, they've even been signed to a small label. Good guitars, fairly interesting songs... and then the vocals sound like crap. I believe that the current trend of these ear-rape vocals is to cover up that fact that American Idol is killing the modern vocalist. So instead of finding an interesting voice to work into your melodies like you would a new instrument, they just have one member give himself a sore throat. And then they dare talk about texture.
As for drum machines and e-drums... Sure you can play War Pigs on an e-set. I imagine you can even program the drums into a kit. But will it sound as epic? I think not, friend, I think not. The other issue with using machines is they tend to be too precise. What happens when the vocalist had a little too much to drink? (trying to soothe his angry throat) Your carefully programmed drum track either gets switched off, or your show falls apart as you try to keep up with it, and your drawling vocalist.
Yep, I'm ranting, but this post brought it out in me. Because of bands being pushed by the MAJOR record labels, I don't even want to bother trying to find a small indie metal band that I like. They are all falling to the same old scream-at-top-of-lungs-in-a-monotone-growl. I've often heard a song come on the radio, enjoyed the players, and then switched channels when the singer kicks in.
Then you look at pop music, where you are again faced with monotones... Wait a minute, I think I see the nefarious plans of the big labels!
Oddly, the more popular Blues groups are now adding metal influences. Case in point, The Black Keys. Since when does the blues need people screaming to make it popular?
I was subjected to an hour of so-called 'blues' music where everything was crystal clear... except the singer screaming through an old telephone receiver. Sure, in one song it is kind of neat, but the whole album?
I think it is time for new metal groups to go hang out in churches and opera houses for new lead singers. Find someone that actually defines their voice in a musical sense. Like a Baritone. Just think, you'll have a sound all your own, and that no-one can say you've stolen. You'll have added something unique: The voice of a person. The melody of someone with talent. Let it sweep up your group and lift it from the quagmire.
And Crackasnowflake... you can't really attacks someone else's name, citing a lack of creativity...

T3h Shr3dd3r does not shred. He simply has a long-running love of a certain ninja that got beaten by reptiles an awful lot... :)



You just completely validated what this guy has been saying.
Yeah maybe those bands you listed don't have gimmicks but the music is piss-poor! 'After the Burial' are you serious!? I listened to one of their songs 'Berserker' What the hell do you call that? MUSIC!? I could achieve the same effect by dropping a bus down a flight of stairs.



I would have to disagree with your point. Your opinion that the music is piss-poor is yours. But the bands have talent, especially After the Burial. I personally like the above bands. But your entitled to your views. I would say however, that you should listen to more than one song before writing a review. I would listen to Aspirations or Pendulum. If I have made an assumption I apologize in advance.


The list just proves the blogger's point. All of those bands are pretty much interchangeable. I've seen most of those guys live and they all sound the same.

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