Bent Out of Shape: Improve Your Control Over Vibrato



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that exercise is good for new guitar players but vibrato comes from feelling of what kind of music are u curently playing. most important thing is pushing string when doing vibrato so that u don t go out of tonality.


Hey Will, Mark from canadian guitar player. Read your latest blog entry on vibrato. I've watched many a player and it does take a lot of practice to really develop your own vibrato. That you can call your own.

But your tips on it by using a metronome will definitely get you there if you practice consistently. But, just curious, what if you play to old blues or rock songs and try to develop it that way, if you don't have a metronome?

As well,I notice you use lighter gauge strings. Is it more personal preference or trial and error as far as that goes for vibrato development?

Whattaya think Will?

Thanks again for the how to stuff that players here can use for great benefit.

Mark Grove " Somwhere south east of Constitution Park" "It's much easier on yer constitution".



Hey Mark cool questions! Yeah of course jamming to real music will develop your vibrato naturally and is really the only way to to do it. My exercise was just meant to be a little extra help to build the muscles and develop control. String gauge is down the player personal preference. I do believe the heavier the string the better the tone and therefor vibrato but Yngwie uses 8's and has nice vibrato and good tone. Cheers!



I saw some comments about the pic of my Les Paul and just wanted to reassure you that strong vibrato won't cause the finish to wear off your guitar. The wear on my guitar is because its 35 years old with lots of touring. Its totally normal for the finish to wear over time and strong vibrato won't damage a new guitar in anyway, cheers

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