Bent Out of Shape: John Sykes is Back!



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Right on, Shred King! The first Blue Murder record is among the best rock albums ever recorded and deserved to be a much bigger seller. Of course, this is nothing new to rock fans who know great guitar playing, songwriting and singing. Having Carmine Appice and Tony Franklin as your rhythm section doesn't hurt, either. Holy crap, those guys were monstrous!!! They put the POWER in power trio like nobody else! I hope John releases a record very soon, as it's been much too long since we've heard anything new from this master musician.

Now playing: Valley of the Kings, from the debut Blue Murder album


The Shred King ...

AWESOME! I can't wait!! The author makes a valid point mentioning that Sykes was doing the crazy squeals even before Zakk Wylde. If you listen to Sykes' playing even back with Thin Lizzy (e.g. Cold Sweat) and with Whitesnake (e.g. 80% of the 1987/Serpens album) you will find a direct template for Zakk's future playing style of lightning fast pentatonics and massive vibrato driven harmonics. Definitely check out his work in Blue Murder's self titled debut album.

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