Bent Out of Shape: Remembering Gary Moore



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Stephen Quinn

A moving tribute. Gary Moore was a highly expressive player who showed that the art of lead guitar is about more than simply technique.



What a nice text, Will! I couldn't agree more with you over "the same set of influences". Gary was a true guitar player. One of a few. Thanks for this video, i've never watched it before. Cheers.



Cheers thank you!



Thank you, Will, for acknowledging the great Gary Moore. I'm hard pressed to think of a more versatile and soulful guitarist. From his early blues with Skid Row, to his many stints in Thin Lizzy to his work with Jon Hiseman in Colleseum II to his own self-resurrection in the blues in the early 90s, the reach of Gary's influence is staggering! It's nice to read something about him from another excellent player, who obviously knows a great deal about the late, great Irishman.

Here's my own Gary Moore short list:

So Far Away/Empty Rooms (from We Want Moore - Live)
Blood of Emeralds (from After the War)
Still In Love With You (from Nightlife by Thin Lizzy)
Black Rose (from Black Rose by Thin Lizzy)
Cold Hearted (from Corridors of Power)
Military Man (w/ Phil Lynott - from Run For Cover)
Where In The World (from Around The Next Dream by Baker, Bruce, Moore)
More Than You'll Ever Know (from Bad For You Baby)
Separate Ways (from the DVD, Live Blues)
Thunder Rising (from Wild Frontiers)

I could go on and on and on, but that's what iPods are for...
R.I.P., Gary

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