Bent Out of Shape Review: Checking Out Bare Knuckle's PG Blues Pickups



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My bugbear with reviews like this (and this isn't a personal criticism - great playing btw!!), is that I'd rather hear the pickups going straight to the amp without going through any sort of signal processing. I'm left wondering now how much of that sound was pickup and how much was Tube Screamer. I KNOW I'm going to get flamed for this, but if anyone is going to demo a pickup, then lets hear the naked pickup. Believe or not I enjoyed reading the review, I particularly enjoyed reading his preference in what Will wants to hear from a pickup, not all guitarists want the same sound.



Great tone Will.

I have an '81 Les Paul Custom and never loved the sound of the stock pickups. Also a big John Sykes fan. Already had BK Warpigs in a 7-string so I ordered a set of Cold Sweats for the LPC. I am in Canada. I ordered direct from the factory in UK. I had them in two weeks! They even matched the worn gold finish of the stock PUs. I dropped them in and the difference in tone and output was unbelievable. And they look the same as the originals!

I've since put Aftermaths, VH & Irish Tours in a couple of other guitars. Can't say enough good about BK.



Love your tone and playing !!! Gary is one of my main influences in music, style and tone. Hope to hear more from your songs soon !!!



Gary Moore is my favorite guitar player, but he sounds phenomenal no matter what pickups are in his guitar, including when he plays a strat. I'll stick with the Gibson pickups that are in my Gibson's.

I love the playing on the demo. Great playing. I'd like to get that alblum, or at least hear more....



Hi Classic Rock Guy!

Thanks! That song is actually a demo but will recorded soon. You can check out my music here &




Thanks guys i'm really happy with the pickups!



Interesting, the demo sounds really good, nice one Will!



Yo! interesting article man. Great tone!

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