Bent Out of Shape: Studio Diary, Part 2 — Instrument Tracking



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Dude! Cool video! Your playing is awesome and your home studio sounds amazing, can you please post more videos like this?



Haha! Yes good point, from the JCM 800 it goes into a Marshall 4x12 close mic'd with a SM57. Interestingly I believe my amp was the first model to include a DI output on the back but it doesn't sound that great.

(Remember its an just an opinion and I've discovered my opinion changes daily on that subject!)



Hey Will,

Very good article. (I've completely forgiven you for the "Is Metal Dead" post ;)

The only thing you didn't say was where the signal goes after the 800. A mic in front of a cab or is that DI'd also?



Good article, but that video was very interesting. It was great hearing the differences in the DI/Amp'd/Re-amp'd versions of the solos. Excellent food for thought, thank you!

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