Bent Out of Shape: Wallner's Quick Licks, Part 2 — Arpeggio Intervals



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Hi great lesson! but please can you elaborate on "When you factor in the root octave".. what is the relation between the thirds from A minor and the perfect fourth E-A of the E minor ?



Great licks! :D
Is it possible to get fingering?

Thank you!

Ross Smith

Thanks, Will, for pointing out to guitarists that the word "arpeggio" does NOT require one to also think "sweep." Too often those two are married to each other. Of course it works well, but over-used, it becomes just one more box for players to break out of and unlearn.



Exactly. And using arpeggios in a creative, non-sweeping context is the perfect rut-buster for those who are looking for something new and different to spice up their playing.

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