Bent Out of Shape: White Wizzard — 'The Devil's Cut' Guitar Solo Lesson, Part 1



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The Shred King ...

Would be nice to get some insight into Jake E. Lee's style with specific examples. Separately, he'll be playing on VH1's "That Metal Show" at 11PM EST on July 13 and 20.



Hi Shred King, off the top of my head he uses this in the pre chorus and the chorus of 'Bark at the moon'. He also uses this for the main riff of 'Waiting For Darkness'. In each of those examples he uses the natural minor scale to make a simple melody and then applies the double picking/palm mute effect. I may devote next weeks blog to more examples, cheers


Great solos from you both.....your styles do compliment each other......great album by the way also......shred.....

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