Betcha Can't Play This: John Petrucci



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Damage Inc.

I don't get why some people say "alternate picking is part of their style".
I mean... I personally use alternate picking because something is too fast to downpick constantly and it would be more efficient to use alternate picking.
It goes automatically...

It's quite a general technique, which does little for the style of playing...
Wouldn't set you apart from many players anyway.
It's nothing special if you ask me.



some people thing he's fast... he's not!!! Compare him with other shredders and he sucks!!!



Reply:bet i can play it? i dont
Submitted by sg_king on Sun, 2007-06-03 08:04.

bet i can play it?
i dont wanna play it...
noone likes shredding.
u cant play guitar petrucci


Dear wet dreamer.

I wish to just throw in a little pisser for the well, noob, that dares to criticize Petrucci.

Well my friend, if you are willing to rehearse for close to 8 hours a day during your forming years and not waste all your time with whatever it is that results in you feeling insecure about your own playing and then criticizing John, then you really need to fuck off from this site. This is a place for musicians who share knowledge, ideas,motivation, skill, etc. and I desire to keep it like that!!

That's all...

Happy dreaming Mr. sg_king on Sun, cause that's all you are gonna do with that attitude!

Scrutinize away!




if you can play 16th notes consistently at 200 bpm( if anyone looks at the tab thats what its set at) then you would be considered shredding


LeePeel (not verified)

How can anybody call John Petrucci a 'noob.'
Firstly, he has been invited to the G3 gigs by Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, more than any other person, and incase you haven't noticed, none of you arsehole's have played a G3.
Secondly, he is in Dream Theater, THE most technically proficiant band in the world, and i ask you, can any of you play any Dream Theater solo's, or any of JP's solo tracks... I doubt it.
He is a genius, a credit to guitar, and certainly a huge help in my development on the guitar. Without him, and his technically demanding songs, that i practise at for hours upon hours, i wouldn't be half as good as i am today.
So all you faggots, shut up, you're just jealous.
And thanks John Petrucci for helping my playing become what it has today.



I don't believe he was calling Petrucci a noob. As I understand the comments, everyone above was calling the disrespectful commentator on Petrucci's playing style the "noob."



bet i can play it?
i dont wanna play it...
noone likes shredding.
u cant play guitar petrucci



I like shredding.



Disrespect & ignorace must run deep in your thin guitar playing blood mister sg-king on sun



ur just jealous cuz u suck noob



How can anyone say john petrucci can't play guitar, This is the man who inspired Herman Li, Corey Beauli... (cant spell his name but u no hu i meen) and he is considered shred enough to tour with steve vai and joe satriani. i had to perform under a glass moon and i wasx amazed with all the new stuff i had to learn to get it.



that's not even shredding u noob

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