Betcha Can't Play This: Karl Sanders' Sweep-Picking Fiesta



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I'm a Nile fan and I thought this was pretty bad. Technically Karl Sanders is great but this was a really poor example which was executed shoddily. I'm not claiming to be anywhere near as good of a player but it did just sound like a mushy pile of unintelligible, non-musical notes.

Check out Nile - The Eye Of Ra instead for a much better example of Sander's work.


Radivoje Mijačić

This is a disaster, awful "playing".



Why would I want to play that? What possible musical use is it?



What rupe said. Awful. Just awful.

Glen Proudfoot or Andy Aledort could play better than this on their first week of learning guitar.



That was a complete sloppy mess...what are you guys thinking by publishing that disgraceful display of technical incompetence? Any player with a modicum of technique will be thrilled to not play like this.

I was looking for the joke, but I couldn't find appears this is a serious video. Wow...just wow.

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