Beyond the Fretboard: Knowing "a Ton of Scales" Made Simple, Part 2



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"Real musical freedom is in doing what you want to do with the information provided."

Love this quote! There's sooo much music out there, that you've definitely got to have some sort of inner direction. I often have to remind myself as a guitarist (and especially a teacher) that I don't have to be good at all of it. I can pursue and focus on that which really moves me.

Great post!



Yea I agree, it's easy to get caught up in trying to "master it all". But I think it's more important to have balance. Balance between knowing a healthy amount of theory and musical styles and also specializing in specific areas. Thanks for reading!


. W H U N E .

"We won't be diving into the specific flavors of each mode in this column. But, suffice it to say, they all have an interesting harmonic story to tell."

So.... that will perhaps be in part 3?
Or a future article?

Cuz I've been looking for something that delves into that subject.

No one seems to address it directly;
or I've not thought of the appropriate search terms to use to find it in the vast interwebs.




The best way to start is to record yourself playing the chord that's mentioned with each mode, then play that particular mode over it. The chord underneath reinforces the harmonic sound of the mode and your ears will begin to acclimate to these new sounds. Maybe I will address this more specifically in a future article. Thanks for reading!

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