Beyond the Fretboard: Letting Go of Our Perfectionist Tendencies



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Chris, thanks for a lot of wisdom in this piece! Clapton, Page, Hendrix, they all made tons of mistakes and yet millions love their music. Passion and inspiration are always more fun to listen to than flawless, yet sterile, technique. The best of all possible outcomes is to blend both passion and precision, but as you said, none of us could play at all when we started. I appreciate you for speaking out on this issue!



I agree stringdoc, thanks for reading!



My mantra nowadays in life and music, is this: "Perfection is a fool's game. Precision is a worthwhile adversary."

You may quote me on this ;)

So any time that you start beating yourself up over sounding less than stellar, check out any live video by The Rolling Stones or Neil Young. You'll feel a lot better about your musicianship.



Well said!


Cash Wiley

That's all well and good unless you play classical music :) I thought I was doing pretty well until I started sessions for a CD.

Times like that I just want to hit a bar and play blues again.



I hear ya...I can only imagine how intense it must be to record Classical Guitar parts. Thanks for reading :)

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