Beyond the Fretboard: Why Musical Purity is Overrated



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I know what you mean. My own band, Clear Water Drum, started out as a Native American powwow drum group. Our recent recorded music incorporates guitar, strumstick, bass, and coming up banjo, mandolin, bouzouki and mandola along with the big powwow drum. We still sing in the Cherokee language, though. Very hard to niche us, which makes it very difficult to enter music awards, although we've managed nominations for two major national ones anyway. But what are we? Native American? Folk? Country? Rock? World? A little of each... but not 100% any of those.



Yea this seems to be the direction music is moving creatively. I can only imagine what eclectic tastes kids will have in the next 5 to 10 will be interesting...thanks for reading and good luck with your music!



Yeah, but there's a flipside to everything. There are lot of bands who confuse interesting or dynamic songwriting with mixing styles in terms of sections, with little rhyme or reason. I don't really know much about 'purity', but if you have a song that starts off with blast beats, only to go to a glossy, overproduced chorus that adds nothing nor ties the song together, that's bad, and common.

Unless your goal is to sound spastic, which is fine in and of itself, it just comes off as lazy song writing when bands mix together styles with no rhyme or reason. A lot of bands just throw together sections and call it a song. I would much rather have a consistently awesome 3:00 thrash metal song than a 12 minute prog epic that throws one stylistic change at you after another, with none of them building on what came before or elaborating on the song as a whole.



I understand your definitely depends on how tastefully a band can mix these separate styles together, but even that is a matter of opinion. Thanks for reading!

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