Big Changes in the New July Issue of Guitar World Magazine



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I don't subscribe to Guitar World but I buy it at stores, it's pretty common at many places around here, noticed the price hasn't changed at the stores also even though no cd is included, not good, I have every issue starting with issue #1 with Johnny Winter on the cover, having all these issues I noticed the tab index is gone which is a real pain trying to find a particular issue now, also the covers gallery is gone which also helped in locating a particular issue and tab, definitely don't like the changes, anyone looking for a great magazine loaded with tons of lessons, full accurate song transcriptions, not over bloated with ads and comes with a cd with all lessons, songs and backing tracks try British guitar mag Guitar Techniques, it's a little more expensive, a little over $16 Canadian but well worth it, have every issue since 1994.



Nowhere that I shop carries magazines any more.



I remember hearing the same thing from Guitar One when they dropped their CDs. A couple months later, they just folded up and quit selling their magazine too. I hope that GW is not in its end days but it sounds like the same song and dance we got from Guitar One at their end.

If I would have known you were dropping the CD with each issue of Guitar World, I would not have renewed my subscription last month for another 2 years. Online content has little value to me. Like many others, I prefer to have a CD on my rack. I still have every Guitar One+CD and every Guitar World+CD I received on my shelf. So how is that not environmentally friendly?

By moving your content to the internet, you only weaken your appeal. I can find online guitar content for free on YouTube. The free YouTube videos might not be as good as GW content - but it's free and totally "environmentally friendly" because I don't even have to have a paper magazine. I don't know how you intend to compete online against free content. That's a tough sell. The big selling point of Guitar World magazine, for me, was the monthly CD that came with each issue.

Despite my disappointment, I hope the paper Guitar World magazine survives. Guitar World is the only guitar magazine left on the shelves at our local stores. That's a shame. I know times change, but I really think the way you decided to "move forward" without prior notice just took advantage of many of us loyal mag+cd subscribers. You could have, and should have, done better by us.



Here is a better way : Premier Guitar July 2011

Rock On!!!



I love the new format and website. Keep the posters coming they are awesome. Just like we had back in the old school. Fk the CD!



I feel ripped off. As for all the comments, it boils down to this: 1) We paid for something in advance (the CD)and are entitled to it. 2) We can access the content on that CD indefinately.
3) If Guitar World doesn't address the issue, I for my part intend to start legal proceedings to force compliance. Any and all subscribers who feels strongly enough about this issue should band together and force GW to meet their legal obligation to provide to us what we paid for. We have a legal system to guard against unscrupulous business practices. We must put aside our passion for music and tend to OUR business. GW you're on notice. Do what's right on your own or face a legal proceeding which could end your publication altogether.


Not really impressed!
I know that a lot of my friends love the magazine with the cd and just the pretty straight ahead approach. what happened!?



This sucks I want my money back



I'm extremely disappointed in this new direction for guitar world. I only subscribe for the cd content. I will not be renewing my subscription. Instead I'll pay the extra money for the British guitar magazines.



I'm really disappointed in the new 'improved' format. I paid for CD subscription a couple months ago. I even asked since it seemed much more difficult and it wasn't advertised anywhere that CD's were being offered. I was told that there were no plans to stop the CD. Online content is a waste. I don't even bother. It's inconvenient, and just plain annoying. You say that you can post MORE content online? BS. 700megs each month. I still go back to my CD library from years ago. Will I be able to do this with online content? I'm sure not.

I still miss Guitar One. I got a lot more out of that magazine than Guitar World. Now it sucks even more. Future media..WTF??? Welcome to another mediocre mag. I doubt I will renew.



I am the same as the rest, disappointed to loose the cds we paid extra for. I would like to see the site make all the cd info able to download in a format that is suppoerted by home dvd players! I would rather watch the cd info on a 56" plasma than this little 15" laptop. As for the "gift"...I think you could have done much better for your customers.

20% off in your online stores, naw.... Me renewing my subscription...well, the jurry is still out on that.


This is so bad,i'm on DSL and it acts up at times when there are long videos on Youtube and the like.



Eliminating the monthly CDs without compensating those of us who paid for them is totally unethical and shows that the magazine doesn't give a damn about what we think. I called customer service and got my subscription extended by two issues, but that doesn't cover the $18 difference between what I paid to renew and the "value" I'm receiving now.

I also wonder how long the monthly content will remain on the website. Even if it gets cached, it's still more difficult to watch on-line than it was to just pop the CD into the computer. I also have to limit my downloads because I get my internet service via a wireless modem and my data package limits me to 5 GB per month. I'll think twice before downloading videos from the Guitar World website.

The supplement letter included with my July issue really adds insult to injury: They claim to be giving me a "free" gift. What BS! How about simply providing what I paid for? Don't try to make me go away by claiming to "give" me something!

The topper was the claim by Tolinski in his Woodshed editorial that the CDs were "environmentally irresponsible." More BS! What the hell is he talking about? Does he think we immediately throw away the CDs we paid for?

And the poster? I guess that would be pretty cool if I was still 12 years old!

I too will be remembering this BS at renewal time.



I wrote GW to see what would happen to the 1 1/2 year I still have on the subscription with CDs and got the following:

Thank you for contacting Guitar World.
You was given a free gift in lieu of the changes regarding the disc.
If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. To ensure your future concerns are handled in a timely fashion, please include all previous e-mail correspondence.
Mary Jane

WTF!!! Lame free gift. Best of Zeppelin, Best of Sabbath (both of which I already own) and some other junk on a DVD I don't want. The only ethical thing to do is extend peoples subscriptions to match the price it would have been had they had just gone with the magazine without the CD at the time they signed up for their subscription (As I've noted prices have incresed).
This is a total BS scam. I'm completely disapointed in Guitar World.
I think the Better Business Bureau might have something to say about this, because people are clearly being ripped off.



Something for the editors to consider for both online and magazine-- if they haven't already thought about this: Once this month's content is passed, maybe move it to a vault system since there are some things that could work there. Also, maybe have some suggestions for youtube links from other players ( outside of GW coverage or local players ) who could also show different lessons. GW already has a great staff showing us some lessons. It would be nice to see local stuff as well. Lastly, it would be nice to see in the magazine more content devoted to the creations of works. I have noticed that most the interviews focus on activities toward the new works. The rest of those interviews tend to focus on activities outside the works ( hahaha ). Great to read but with the online content one could expand in depth on the artists and their new studio stuff ( i.e. Dream Theater made a documentary on auditioning new drummers for their new record is an example ). One artist who tends to get the chance to talk about their new stuff is Joe Satriani. For example. . .there is not much to gossip about when it comes to all things Joe--and I LOVE it like that! Music is the best as Frank Zappa once said.

Thanks for the great coverage. Keep it up!



So far the new look is similiar to the 80's version of Guitar World mags ( a la poster ). But a nice modern feel to it as well. Nicely done guys!



+1 on all the posts thus far. I'm a new subscriber and on my 3rd issue they dropped this bait-and-switch on me. I wouldn't have minded so much, if they would have just extended my 12month w/CD subscription to a regular 24 month subscription, which is about the same price. Instead, they tried to sell me on a 20% discount in their online store. After explaining that I had no desire to spend more money in their store, they gave me 2 additional issues instead of the 9 I feel I paid for. They would not budge on it though, so I've effectively cancelled service and expecting to receive 3/4 of what I paid. That ~$20 will go toward a subscription at either Guitar Player or Guitar Techniques (haven't decided yet). This has to be the slimiest sales experience I've had in quite awhile. How can they just take my money, change the plan I paid for and make no reasonable effort to accommodate me by simply giving me a plan they already offer??!! I'm guessing some of their competitors won't be so shady.

I'll also do my part to give some negative publicity where I can. This is just customer orientation at all.



So online content is great, but when I want to be able to view and replay content quickly it's not as easy to do online as when you have the CD in hand.
What a waste of money for the CD's.

So I guess a request to have the extra money I spent for the CD's to be applied towards my subscription, would be falling on Deaf Ears.

I think it's incredibly unethical to ask your subscribers to pay for a CD they will never get, because you think putting the content online is what everyone wants.

So how about sharing the results of your subscribers votes to support moving away from the CD's to online content oh wait you didn't ask your subscribers did you...........



Yay, pullout posters... I paid extra for my subscription to get the CD-Rom because watching videos on my internet connection is painfully slow. Especially when it's high def. Guess that was money well spent.

Way to go. I'll remember that when it's time to renew my subscription.



what happens to the online content when the month is over? and the extra money i paid for the disc?


Mad Doc 55

A lot of people will have the same concerns. I'm on your side!

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